5 ways to improve guest satisfaction with a lean team

Some simple tips to boost hotel reviews and satisfaction scores



September 24, 2021

Lean hotel teams and high demand in travel–that doesn't usually mix well. As we worked with thousands of hotels across the world of various sizes before, during, and after the pandemic, one thing became clear: guests still expect the same level of service. 

However, with smaller teams and fewer people willing to come back to work, it's hard to stay at the same level of guest satisfaction as before. But, don't worry, there are helpful and affordable tools out there that can help. Here are the five ways we've seen successful small teams continue to improve their guests' satisfaction.

1. The Welcome Message

Upon arriving at their hotel room, guests receive a customizable automated welcome message asking questions such as, "Will you be needing anything at the beginning of your stay?" or "Is the room set up to your liking?" Since the welcome message is both automated and customizable, it allows the hotel to give each guest that personalized experience while still working with a smaller team.

2. The mid-stay status check 

Halfway through a guest's stay, a mid-stay status check is sent out to ask how things are going. Included in this status check is a point scale - one through five - to indicate how well the guest is enjoying themselves. This secret weapon gives your team a chance to uncover pain points that can be fixed while guests are on the property and before brand surveys go out. 

3. Quick Replies for Common Questions

"Where should I go for dinner?", "What time is breakfast?", "What time is checkout?" 

These questions are far from foreign for the ear of any hospitality staff member. But, instead of answering the same commonly asked questions over the phone or at the front desk, save some time by using quick replies! With one text, they can ask their question and go about their day, and with two clicks, the front desk can answer it!

4. Arrival Queue/Room Pending

When guests arrive before check-in and their room isn't ready, let them go explore the city, knowing that they'll get a text from the front desk when their room is ready to check-in. 

5. Express Checkout

Distracted texters used to be the reason why lines were so long. But now, it's being used for express checkout! Avoid the collision of new and departing guests at the front desk AND know the minute rooms are ready to be turned by encouraging guests to send a text when they depart. 

A lean team doesn't mean less efficiency. It just means there are other ways to achieve it. With Kipsu, small teams aren't feeling overwhelmed with everyday tasks anymore; they are being streamlined. Want to learn how? Read all about how Kipsu drives efficiency here. And, after reading that article, turn that short-staffed team into a mean lean, mean streamlining machine by requesting a conversation with us here.
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