Atrium and Concord Roll-Out Kipsu Across Their Perspective Portfolios

“Kipsu has enabled us to meet guests where they are and reach them through their preferred channels. Digital messaging ensures our teams capture feedback during the stay, before it reaches online outlets.” - Cyndi McDonald, Atrium’s VP of Brand Relations & Quality Assurance

March 27, 2019
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Two of the largest hotel management groups in the US—Atrium Hospitality and Concord Hospitality—recently launched Kipsu across their hotel portfolios. Both portfolios are seeing meaningful effects from introducing digital messaging as another channel of guest communication, including increases in guest satisfaction, engagement, and brand survey scores. Atrium’s VP of Brand Relations & Quality Assurance, Cyndi McDonald, sums up the partnership well by stating, “Kipsu has enabled us to meet guests where they are and reach them through their preferred channels. Digital messaging ensures our teams capture feedback during the stay, before it reaches online outlets.”


Atrium Hospitality is based in Alpharetta, Georgia and oversees a portfolio of 82 hotels in 29 states across brands like Hilton, Marriott, and IHG. Kipsu first partnered with an Atrium property after launching at the Holiday Inn Springdale in Arkansas in July 2014. The property conversed with over 5,000 guests via texting about everything from room service to restaurant suggestions to special event requests. After seeing rapid guest adoption, Atrium launched subsequent properties in small batches, announcing their intention to complete the portfolio rollout. They plan on launching the entire portfolio by the beginning of 2020.

To measure Atrium’s success using Kipsu, we pulled and analyzed data pre- and post-Kipsu launch. Kipsu’s partners within the Atrium portfolio, on average, engage in over 20,000 conversations per month and have interacted with over 350,000 unique guests. These positive interactions translated into increases across brand survey scores. For example, the Embassy Suites Kansas City-International Airport noticed a 21% lift in overall experience among guests using Kipsu compared to those who did not.

One guest from the Embassy Suites Omaha Downtown/Old Market left a review on TripAdvisor mentioning the text service writing:

“I received a text message in the morning wishing me safe travels….I also received another text when I departed thanking me for the stay and wishing me good travels. The best stay I’ve had at a hotel. Outstanding!!!”

Concord Hospitality, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has 94 properties in its portfolio with many in the development pipeline. Sunny Finnell, Concord Hospitality’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing, said Concord decided to partner with Kipsu because of “several factors including: platform ease of use on the property level, thorough training, comprehensive company analytics and ongoing dialogue between Kipsu and Concord. Performance levels at individual hotels have increased our overall customer engagement and guest satisfaction scores.”

Concord’s properties are also seeing positive impact across their portfolio, sending over 800,000 total messages to date and report a 10% average increase in overall service on survey scores. Guests are also taking note of Concord properties’ new messaging service in online reviews.

One guest at the Hampton Inn and Suites Clearwater/St. Petersburgh Ulmerton Road commented on TripAdvisor:

“Check-in was quick and the room was great! I received a text shortly after check-in inquiring if everything was okay with my room. I received another text the next day asking me how my stay was so far. It was nice to know that they were going the extra mile to make sure I was enjoying my stay.

Kipsu is proud to partner with top-notch hotel management groups like Atrium and Concord that are invested in providing quality guest service portfolio-wide. To learn more about the other management groups we partner with, dive deep into the brand survey/TripAdvisor score impact from Kipsu portfolio-wide, and discover what a rollout could look like, feel free to download our free case study.

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