Creating open lines of communication at the Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South

For years, the Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South has been using hospitality messaging to fulfill guest requests, consolidate information, and even book reservations directly through texting for hotels—overall boosting satisfaction scores at the property.

Laura Beier
May 11, 2022
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Since 2018, the Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South has been using hospitality messaging to elevate the guest experience. From fulfilling guest requests to providing a direct channel for guests to rebook their stay, they’ve found that hotel texting is a key way to increase satisfaction scores!

A community presence 

Eric Satina, General Manager at the Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South, did an externship for his hospitality program at the property in 2007 and has been there ever since. 

“Being a social person, it was a good fit,” he said of studying and staying in hospitality. He first knew he wanted to be in the field when he was on family trips as a kid and chatted with general managers at properties they stayed in.

Working his way up from driving the hotel shuttle to becoming general manager last fall, Satina is an expert on what makes the property unique. The 179-room Crowne Plaza has a restaurant and bar, and hosts everything from weddings to graduation ceremonies.

“We are very much so involved in the community,” he said of the hotel located about 8 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh. Visitors can take a nearby light rail to downtown events, Heinz field for Steelers games, or other happenings in the area. “There’s always something going on in Pittsburgh,” Satina said. 

Open lines of communication

Users of Kipsu for the past four years, Satina and his team have found that using guest messaging in hospitality helps create open lines of communication between the front desk and valued guests. 

“It opens this line of conversation for you to ask, ‘Is the room comfortable? What are your plans for the weekend?’” he said. His team prioritizes sending a proper welcome as well as sending follow-up messages throughout the guest’s stay.

Hospitality messaging can help bring a seven out of 10 stay up to a 10 out of 10: say something was missing, but a guest didn’t want to say anything via phone or in person. With guest messaging, they can request small things, like extra towels, and it gives the front desk a chance to fix it. 

“You might be comfortable without it, but it makes a difference,” he said of these instances. “Anything they need, we’re happy to help.”

Direct booking

Hotel texting at his property has proven an effective way to make guests want to come back, Satina said. 

Since guests can contact the front desk right in their messaging app, they can text after their stay for a return reservation. “The number is still in their phone, so sometimes we get a ‘Hey, I’m coming back next week, can I book?’” he said of this additional stream of revenue that the Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South has created through digital messaging. 

“Some guests will check in with us after or send us photos when they get home,” he said of conversations that have continued post-stay. 

Part of the Prospera Hospitality group, his property is one of many that utilizes guest messaging in hospitality to increase satisfaction scores and make memorable stays for guests. 

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