Hotel texting to the rescue

Times when hospitality texting (quite literally) saved the day


Laura Beier


September 7, 2022

Hospitality messaging primarily serves to ensure comfort for hotel guests—whether it be extra towels, parking information, or restaurant recommendations—but it can also be used for more serious matters! From inclement weather to maintenance issues, it’s essential to have channels of communication such as hotel texting to ensure the safety of guests as well.

Maintaining a safe stay 

No one likes a leaky sink or air conditioning that doesn’t seem to work, but for more pertinent issues, it’s important to ensure that guests have an immediate way to contact hotel staff. 

Maybe it’s a door that doesn’t lock properly, or a window that won’t close all the way. To ensure guests feel safe at a hotel property, it’s key to make sure they have what they need, and that they feel comfortable enough to ask. Texting is routinely less intimidating for travelers (and sometimes staff), especially if it’s been a long trip or there is a language barrier. 

Or maybe it’s equipment in the room that’s broken. One partner had a guest who seemed to be anti-texting, but signed up for hospitality messaging due to a weeklong stay at the property. Within 30 minutes of his stay, he texted the front desk saying that one of the office chairs in the room had broken—the team was able to respond and get him a new chair within minutes.

“He loved that he didn’t have to pick up the phone” General Manager Nick Patel said of this instance where texting for hotels came in handy and kept everyone comfortable.

When the weather just isn’t cooperating 

One of life’s shared experiences — and often emergencies — are changes in the weather. No matter if it’s a rained-out event at the pool or an actual warning of a tornado, hospitality messaging is an essential tool for informing guests.

In fact, one partner had to do just that: at the Shangri-La Al Husn & Bar Al Jissah, the team had to cancel a special New Year’s Eve dinner that was supposed to be hosted outdoors due to a large storm coming through. Using the outreach feature available on top hotel messaging platforms, the team was able to notify all guests staying at the vast property.

“The best way to reach out to all our guests was through the platform, and it was received by all the guests,” General Manager Ameen Mohamed said of the weather-related change in schedule. “This was appreciated by everyone who signed up, to know in advance… which is very important to plan their day.”

Behind the scenes

Sometimes—hopefully most times—guests don’t even see the emergencies. 

With hospitality guest messaging systems, teams can message securely and internally about maintenance issues, scheduling, or guest requests. Whether it’s filling a shift at the last minute or getting the hot water up and running before a big wedding, teams can internally resolve issues with hotel messaging to ensure a top notch stay for guests.

These are just scratching the surface of possibilities where guest messaging for hospitality could save the day and increase guest satisfaction. Learn more about hotel texting services or schedule a conversation with the Kipsu team today.

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