Teamwork makes the dreamwork: how hospitality texting helps teams work together

In any position, it’s not only important to get the job done, but to have a good time while you’re at it. In times of short staffing and stressful travel numbers, hotel teams need a little boost to increase efficiency and morale—such as hospitality messaging.

Laura Beier
September 19, 2022
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As soaring travel numbers and staffing issues across the hospitality industry continue, efficiency is top of mind for many. But it’s not just about the end goal—sometimes, it’s about how you get there. 

With tools like hospitality messaging, teams can feel like they’re working together and have fun while they’re at it!

Quick communication

It’s tricky to foster company culture when front desk teams are constantly on the phone, dealing with guest queues at the front desk, or leaving voicemails. With hotel texting, teams can quickly message guests and have more time to converse with their colleagues, whether it’s about training or the upcoming football season.

Instantaneous communication isn't just beneficial for hotel teams—it’s great for guests too. Requests can be sent quickly through hotel messaging and rerouted to maintenance for faster solutions to problems; questions can be answered at the touch of a button; and nobody has to feel bothered by a phone ringing off the hook.

With fast conversation comes increased efficiency, so hotel teams can even simultaneously take care of guest requests, check guests in, and ask coworkers their favorite holidays.

Coordination between teams 

Whether it’s for scheduling shifts or calling in sick, hotel text messaging systems provide a great (and secure) way for teams to communicate internally.

Say someone has to cover a shift, or a guest needs extra towels from housekeeping—by using hospitality texting internally, front desk teams can organize internally without guests even knowing it’s happening.

Seamlessly coordinating schedules and fulfilling guest requests isn’t even where it ends with hotel texting for hospitality teams: hotel texting services can also be used for onboarding new hires, coordinating human resources information, and sending out announcements across management companies.

Integration station

Teamwork is all about everyone doing their part and working towards a common goal. But sometimes, there’s too much to do and too few people.

That’s where hotel tech integrations come in. Top hotel text messaging platforms integrate with common PMS systems and management tools such as Quore and HotSOS to seamlessly address guest requests, organize guest information, and keep operations running smoothly. 

From getting a guest’s leaky sink fixed (drop that request into Quore straight from Kipsu and maintenance will see it right away) to keeping track of loyalty members, chances are there’s an integration or process for that. 

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