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Seamlessly communicate with patients via HIPAA-compliant texting from one centralized number for your practice.

What we do

Simplify patient communication

As care delivery continues to transition from physician-centered care to multifaceted care teams, clear communication across the care team with patients is critical to improving patient outcomes. Kipsu’s industry-leading software solution for real-time conversational texting empowers care teams to communicate seamlessly with patients via one phone number for the entire practice. Care team members can meet patients where they’re at, transfer conversations internally to other care team members, and provide a unified patient experience helping them close gaps in care across the populations they serve.

Features of Kipsu include:

  • HIPAA compliant solution
  • Conversational two-way texting
  • No apps to download - works with every device
  • Keep your phone number - Kipsu can integrate with your existing practice phone number

Modernize how your patients connect with your team.

After building an industry-leading guest experience platform for the hospitality industry, Kipsu has released a fully HIPAA compliant version of its messaging solution.

Kipsu's Healthcare Solutions

For primary care practices

Eliminate wasted hours of quality teams trying to get ahold of patients or playing phone tag following up. Close more gaps and provide overall better care to your patient population by simplifying communication.

Close gaps in care to improve overall patient care and quality measures for your practice.

Centralize patient communication under one number for the entire practice.

Keep each member of your practice operating at the top of their license by transferring conversations to the appropriate team member.

For ambulatory surgery centers

Digital messaging reduces guest anxiety to speak up about their procedure while providing an easy way to contact you before, during, and after their procedure.

Stop getting held up by "mailbox full" messages or having to use a personal phone to reach patients before or after procedures.

Collect pre-arrival information such as proof of vaccination, medical clearance, and insurance information.

Keep loved ones up-to-date during the procedure and notify when the patient is ready to be discharged.

Features providers and service teams will love

Conversational Two-Way Messaging

Real time two-way communication between care team and patients. One phone number for the entire care team to unify the patient experience.

HIPAA Compliance

Messaging engagement will follow all HIPAA privacy and security rules, and can be implemented with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place between Kipsu and the covered entity.

Personalized Scheduled Messages

Schedule messages to be sent out on specific times and dates throughout the patient journey. Messages can be chosen from a database of frequently used messages or customized on case-by-case basis.

Smart Routing & Escalation Messaging

Sophisticated routing matches the flexibility of a PBX phone system with multi-level queue configurations, department/team level conversation transfers, designated contact routing, and channel specific auto-routing capabilities.

Reporting & Analytics

Fully customizable analytics and reports allow your team insights into the frequency and common topics in which patients are engaging.

Proactive outreach

Reach out to patients with identified gaps in care to improve quality measures for your practice and ultimately provide better care to your patient population.

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