Agile Guest Service

The Team Managed
Guest Engagement Platform

We make it easy and efficient to provide every guest a personalized experience.

We Believe

The ultimate customer relationship is built by delivering meaningful and memorable experiences.

Why We Exist

Our mission is to dramatically enhance guest interactions by reducing social friction and empowering authenticity. Kipsu assists high performing, high touch service providers to bring their brands alive through personal engagement enabled by our Guest Engagement Platform.

Our Vision

In the future guests will receive what they want without ever having to ask for it, customers will be empowered to say exactly what they think without the threat of social cost and satisfaction scores will be a perfect 10 every time because each of our experiences will be uniquely tailored to each of us.

How We Partner

The Kipsu approach requires a true partnership with our customers to implement our Guest Engagement Platform.

Our business model is focused on long-term engagement with our customer partners and a continuous evaluation of how we can increase the value delivered. We are driven by our focus on metrics that matter like social ranks and guest satisfaction scores. In doing so, we drive meaningful added value to our customer partners' businesses.

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