We believe personal connections
are at the heart of great service.


In a world increasingly driven by technology, we are losing the opportunity to connect at the personal level with those we serve. Kipsu is pioneering an entirely new category - Real Time Engagement - that empowers and celebrates those on the front lines that leverage human communication to deliver amazing service experiences.

Kipsu uses real-time digital communication channels, such as SMS, internet chat and social messaging, to help you connect more deeply with your guest. As the industry leader, we've recognized consumers are becoming increasingly conditioned to going online to tell the world about their experiences, whether good or bad.

Kipsu provides a familiar and frictionless medium, a private social network if you will, to engage customers in the moment. In turn, we make it easier than ever to initiate requests and overcome frustrations, all while preserving the authentic human connection at the heart of exceptional service. The result is significantly improved social reviews and survey scores.

“Kipsu has quite simply fundamentally changed
the way that we connect with our lodging guests.”
— Coleen Reardon, Deer Valley Resort