Improve retention and delight students.

Engage with students where they are- on their phones- texting and digital messaging to build relationships and drive higher retention.

In their words

"Kipsu allows us to engage with our residential students on a more personal level. Students love to text, and this platform strengthens our opportunities to meet their preferred communication method.”
Dee Goines, Director of Residence Life, Housing, and Conference Services @ University of North Texas-Dallas
What we do

Student Engagement

Professional and student staff connect with students, especially those who are hesitant to engage through face-to-face interactions, allowing them to feel comfortable and strengthen relationships with their school and advisors. Student engagement leads to an increase in communication between staff and students, which results in a boost of verbal retention.

Of students respond to each staff message sent with Kipsu
Of students respond to Kipsu messages throughout the semester

Engagement Themes

These are several of the most popular Kipsu use cases used at higher education institutions

Assist students before they arrive on campus with move-in instructions and give them a resource to ask questions. Additionally, send out messages with move-out guidelines to ensure a smooth process for students and staff.

Select specific groups of students to send reminders to or answer questions they may have.

Collect feedback from target groups of students to help boost engagement and participation in future programming events.

Send messages to groups of students that may be interested in open positions within residence life team and provide them with a resource to assist them with the process.

Check-in with students throughout the semester to ensure their satisfaction on campus and uncover issues that students may feel.

Provide a safe space for students who may not feel comfortable sharing their emotions face-to-face.

Immediately notify students through their preferred channel of communication of an important announcement or emergency.

Just an emoji away!

Southern Oregon University used emojis as its newest initiative to elevate student engagement. Residential staff at SOU find digital messaging provides a safe space for their student communications.

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Features students and teams will love.

Two Way Messaging

Real time two-way communication between staff and residents. User may choose preferred messaging channel prior to engagement.

Title IX Compliance

Messaging engagement will follow all Title IX privacy and security rules.

Personalized Scheduled Messages

Schedule messages to be sent out on specific times and dates. Messages can be chosen from frequently used tab or customized on case-by-case basis.

Smart Routing & Escalation Messaging

Sophisticated routing matches the flexibility of a PBX phone system with multi-level queue configurations, department/team level conversation transfers, designated contact routing, and channel specific auto-routing capabilities.

Reporting & Analytics

Fully customizable analytics and reports allow your team insights into the frequency and common topics in which residents are engaging.

Proactive outreach

Reach out to residents before issues to prepare or prevent turnover.

Encourage Help-Seeking Behaviors

"Texting is familiar and often preferred for communicating with our students. As we encourage help-seeking behaviors, Kipsu serves as an additional channel of support that enhances our student experience. It allows us to connect with our students in an easy and more accessible way, and allows us to use their feedback to adjust and better meet the needs of our campus community."
Kimberly Milovac, Director of First-Year Experience @ Hastings College

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