Extend Service

Through digital messaging, channels, and devices.

All team members can see and respond to incoming messages from a shared user interface.

Kipsu offers robust analytics on stats like number of messages sent, response time, and more.

Because so many of our customer teams work around the clock, so do we. You can reach our support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, text, email, or directly through the Kipsu dashboard.

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Extend Service Digitally

Kipsu provides service leaders the power to enhance their current service model by integrating texting and digital messaging options.

Boost Engagement

Digital messaging offers a private and personal way to connect with your team—even in sensitive situations.

Capture Real-Time Feedback

Kipsu allows you to answer questions, address concerns, and ultimately capture feedback before it reaches the public space or appears in a survey.

Key Differentiators

Kipsu was built hand-in-hand with service industry leaders. Our experience and constant fine-tuning have made Kipsu stand ahead of the competition.

Kipsu's reporting capabilities show your team's performance on the tool, while capturing data from thousands of guest interactions to build a rich database of common request and potential pain points.

Kipsu does not require any hardware or software installation. In addition, guests do not have to download anything to message your staff.

Team group messaging functionality allows your team to communicate in real-time to ensure all guest requests are completed.

Kipsu is designed to easily fit your current team and service model. Generally, teams see a reduction in front desk traffic and phone calls, streamlining operations.

Kipsu connects with most major PMS providers, making messaging a seamless part of your staff's daily routine.

For staff not behind the front desk, simply download the Kipsu mobile app to message with guests from any mobile device.

The Leader In Real-Time Engagement

Personal Service through Digital Channels

Kipsu also empowers your team to take the personalized and high-touch service they offer today through face-to-face customer interactions and extend that same service digitally. Kipsu enables guests to message with your team just as they would with friends and family- no download required.

Whether it be SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, or more...

Meet Customers Where They Are

Although SMS/texting is at the core of Kipsu's platform, Kipsu integrates with nearly a dozen messaging channels. This multi-faceted approach maximizes the reach of the your service teams, extending digital services to guests regardless of device or preferred channel.

Developed with Privacy in mind

Security, TCPA, and GDPR

Kipsu offers industry-leading security and personal data protection. With full TCPA and GDPR compliance incorporated into not only Kipsu's software platform, but also into our individualized training process.

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