Improve Service Quality through Digital Patient Engagement

Empower patients and family members to feel more comfortable sharing their concerns and asking for assistance by creating “wow” digital experiences with fully HIPAA-compliant messaging.

What we do

Patient Engagement

By bridging the gap of communication between patients, caregivers, and care providers, Kipsu’s industry-leading software solution for real-time engagement increases patient satisfaction. With the increasing focus by CMS and the major players on evaluating service quality through Net Promoter Score and other post-experience surveys, it's more important than ever to intercept criticism, improve patient experience, and ultimately drive higher post-experience survey scores.

Features providers and service teams will love

Two-Way Messaging

Real time two-way communication between staff and residents. User may choose preferred messaging channel prior to engagement.

HIPAA Compliance

Messaging engagement will follow all HIPAA privacy and security rules, and can be implemented with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place between Kipsu and the covered entity.

Personalized Scheduled Messages

Schedule messages to be sent out on specific times and dates throughout the patient journey. Messages can be chosen from a database of frequently used messages or customized on case-by-case basis.

Smart Routing & Escalation Messaging

Sophisticated routing matches the flexibility of a PBX phone system with multi-level queue configurations, department/team level conversation transfers, designated contact routing, and channel specific auto-routing capabilities.

Reporting & Analytics

Fully customizable analytics and reports allow your team insights into the frequency and common topics in which patients are engaging.

Proactive outreach

Reach out to patients before and after discharge to prepare or prevent cancellations, reducing inefficiencies and cost.

Engagement Themes

These are several of the most popular Kipsu use cases used by healthcare organizations.

Engage with patients before their procedure to streamline arrival instructions, medical clearance, and insurance authorization processes.

Create a conversation trail that can be reviewed by patient or provider to help enhance follow-through and prevent readmission.

Engage with mothers pre- and post-birth to provide support during times of stress and confusion.

Provide a high level of service that empowers your team to work smarter and more efficiently through two-way messaging.

Assign routine tasks or dispatch a team member in real-time to solve any maintenance or EVS issues.

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