Know Your Residents

Better Understand Resident Sentiment to Boost Retention

Multi-Family Housing

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The Challenge:

High Resident Turnover

Nearly 40% of Residents leave, on average, every year.

The Opportunity:

50% of Turnover is Preventable

About 50% of residents who leave move down the street for addressable reasons.

The Solution:

Better Understand Resident Sentiment

– Leverage proactive resident messaging to capture rich information on questions, comments, and concerns- without adding additional work for the team

– Gain key insights into resident satisfaction before they terminate their lease or leave an online review

The Data:

Better Understand Resident Sentiment

– Kipsu’s deep language learning AI analyzes resident messages to understand sentiment at the individual and aggregate levels

–Recognize patterns of complaints and positivity to lean into what is working and change what is not

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toward happier residents and increased retention rates.

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