IHG One Rewards Loyalty grows with Kipsu

Expand your IHG One Rewards loyalty by leveraging Kipsu to make guests feel like VIPs at your property.

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Why does IHG One Rewards Loyalty matter?

The hospitality industry is a tremendously competitive one, with guests having seemingly endless options of places to stay while traveling. Having a loyalty program, like IHG One Rewards, sets your team up for opportunities to build trust and loyalty with guests, which leads to repeat guests and consistent revenue streams. Kipsu can help you acknowledge their status by tier, educate them on qualified perks, and answer any questions they may have quickly. When guests know you have their back, they’ll want to come back.

If a guest has a great experience at your property, chances are they’ll be back on their next trip to the area, even if surrounding competition has lower prices. 77% of guests surveyed said they would choose a brand they love and trust over one they don’t have personal experience with.
On top of their willingness to pay higher rates than non-members, loyalty members make up 30-60% of all room revenue, keeping your revenue stream strong and consistent.
Fast, friendly service and support from staff who are easy and convenient to connect with. In fact, 80% of customers say these are the MOST critical satisfaction factors that determine their opinion about a stay. Kipsu and Hilton Honors help close communication gaps at one’s fingertips
Repeat customers not only contribute to per-guest revenue growth, but will tend to increase their spending with upgrades or add ons.They are willing to pay more for a room, are less sensitive when prices go up, and actually decrease operating costs by requiring less staff time. These factors add up to a 57% increase in room revenue.

Kipsu Use Cases for Boosting Loyalty Recognition

Send a Welcome Message
  • Establishes a digital communication avenue that’s convenient for guests and quick for staff
  • Communiate loyalty perks
  • Acknowledge Loyalty Membership
  • Opportunities for personalization and unexpected above and beyond service
your perks
  • Tip off guests to a perk they qualify for
  • Let guests know about available upgrades based on their loyalty tier
  • Opportunities for education on program and perks for expanding memberships
  • Showcase property amenities
Make your guests
feel like VIPs
  • Tag guests with their loyalty tier in Kipsu with PMS integration
  • Kipsu’s tag feature allows staff to send one message out to all loyalty guests on property
  • Endless personalization opportunities with a human touch
Notes of
  • Keep guests loyal by acknowleding their love for your property or brand by being a loyalty member
  • Adds a personal touch that many guests don’t expect
Digital Check-out
  • Save your guests the hassle of stopping at the front desk or waiting in line on their way out. This is the final touch of ease that your guests can enjoy as a part of their experience. Send them a text message a few hours before they check out to let them know they can check out digitally, and slip in one last thank you for being a loyalty member.

Seamless Integration

  • Kipsu integrates with Opera PMS to make it easy to send welcome messages without adding to the workload of front desk staff
  • Kipsu integrates with Quore ticketing to provide convenience and save time for the front office team
  • Kipsu can recognize the specific different tiers of IHG One Rewards and apply tags appropriately
  • Acknowledge and thank the customer for their loyalty membership in the Welcome Message. Create templates with specific tier language and never miss a recognition opportunity again.
  • Utilize Kipsu’s variables to automatically populate name and other personalized information to make the guest feel like a VIP.

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