Drive Front Desk Efficiency

Shift phone calls and walk-ups to a more convenient and frictionless channel.

Triage requests by importance and urgency

Through messaging, hotel teams can see multiple guest requests and questions all at once, allowing them to organize them by importance and urgency. Unlike phone calls and walk-ups that have to be handled in order of appearance, guest messaging enables teams to answer guests in the order that is most efficient.

Moderate the immediacy of guest needs

Phone calls and walk-ups demand a nearly immediate response for guests. They ask a question and expect an immediate response. With messaging, however, teams can take up to 5 minutes to respond to a guest and the conversation still feels real-time.

Respond to frequently asked questions quickly and easily

When gusts ask "what are the pool hours?" or "when is breakfast available?" it could take your team 3-5 minutes to answer that question in-person or by phone from greeting to good-bye. With messaging, all it takes is a few clicks to grab a pre-written response to commonly asked questions and send it out.

Answer more complicated questions with rich content

For questions that are more complicated, like "can we take public transit to the airport?" or "are there any gluten-free options in the hotel restaurant?" explaining options over the phone can be very time consuming. Instead, hotel teams can simply send over menus, maps, and other rich content via a quick message to the guest.

Handle guest requests through one, integrated dashboard

If a guest reports a maintenance request directly to the front desk or over the phone, a front desk agent needs to first gather the details and then transcribe the information into the maintenance system to create a ticket. Kipsu integrates with most of the top maintenance ticketing systems, allowing teams to create a ticket in seconds.

Industry-leading guest messaging

Kipsu works with hundreds of thousands of hoteliers and has served over 35 million guests from around the globe through messaging. Hotel teams use Kipsu to streamline front desk operations, meet guests where they are, and ultimately drive higher guest satisfaction on TripAdvisor and brand survey scores.

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