Kipsu + Quore

Submit requests and communicate the status to guests—all within the Kipsu dashboard!

Manage incoming guest requests in Kipsu

As always, Kipsu provides hotel teams the industry-leading platform for receiving, managing, and answering guest requests through texting and digital messaging.

Seamlessly create tickets in Quore

As guest work orders or housekeeping requests come in through messaging, hotel teams are able to create a ticket within the Quore dashboard with just the click of a button in Kipsu.

Automatically add guest comments

As the ticket is created, Kipsu's integration with Quore automatically pulls in the guest's last comment to add details to the ticket. Agents can add or change details as needed.

Track updates

As updates are made in the Quore system and tickets move through the completion process, the guest conversation in Kipsu reflects these changes and provides details to agents at the front desk or on the PBX team.

Keep guests informed

Without tabbing between windows or calling across departments, team members are notified of completed work orders and can immediately send updates to guests, notifying them of its completion. This not only streamlines hotel operations but has also proven to improve guest experience.

Industry-leading guest messaging

Kipsu works with hundreds of thousands of hoteliers and has served over 35 million guests from around the globe through messaging. Hotel teams use Kipsu to streamline front desk operations, meet guests where they are, and ultimately see happier guests on TripAdvisor and brand survey scores.

Award-winning operations system

More than 4,300 hotels use Quore to be more efficient in their operations and improve overall guest satisfaction. Hotel teams leverage Quore to run all back-of-house operations as their preventative maintenance, housekeeping, and inspection solution.

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