Kipsu + SynergyMMS

Connect your text and task management systems to create seamless, instant communication to fulfill guest requests at “wow, that was fast!” speeds


With the Kipsu and SynergyMMS integration, your team can now make SynergyMMS tickets right from Kipsu, cutting out the middleman and getting tasks and requests to appropriate teams faster with less effort. 

Updates to SynergyMMS tickets are reported right in Kipsu, in real-time. Know the status of each guest request without leaving your Kipsu dashboard.

Reach out to your Kipsu Engagement Representative to get your Kipsu and SynergyMMS systems talking so your team can get back to delivering wow-inducing service to guests.

SynergyMMS Features

- Task delegation to the appropriate department, taking into account the current workload of clocked-in team members and his or her level of experience

- User can set own language preference

- Accessible from mobile devices - can help teams keep on top of tasks, even on the go

Integration Features

- Real-time updates from SynergyMMS right to your Kipsu Dashboard. See who is accountable for the task, the up to date status of said task, and receive a notification when it is fulfilled, all without leaving Kipsu.

- Reports from both Kipsu and SynergyMMS can help teams make informed decisions with operations.

How it works

Here's how the integration connections are made between Kipsu and SynergyMMS systems.

Kipsu Data
Data Flow
SynergyMMS Data
Location Information
Room number, area of property
Location Information
Room number, area of property
Task: Type of work requested
Room number, area of property
Comments: Feedback and additional information about the request
Comments: Feedback and additional information about the request
Status Updates: Kipsu receives
Status Updates: Feedback and additional information about the request

Learn More

View the webinar

Together with SynergyMMS, we recorded a webinar that highlights our two systems and how they work together to provide hotel staff with the best communication, tracking, and guest experience tools at their fingertips.

About the company


SynergyMMS is based in Bowling Green, OH. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, SynergyMMS has gained extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. Their task management system is robust and capable of handling the complexities of many different systems.

Who should use it?

While SynergyMMS can be implemented at most any property, the feature-set is catered toward mid-sized to large hotels with complex maintenance needs and multiple facilities.

  • 90,000 users
  • Partners in 75 countries
  • 6.5 million work requests processed annually
  • 80% reduction in guest complaints due to maintenance
  • 30% reduction in total guest complaints
  • 20% reduction in repair and maintenance costs

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