Life Inside the Kipsu Rotation Program: Emily

Every spring, Kipsu welcomes a new class of Analysts to our Entrepreneurial Leadership Rotation Program (ELRP). Analysts spend 12 months rotating between Kipsu's 3 core teams learning all aspects of our business. At the end of the program, Analysts are placed on a team permanently. The 2019 ELRP class just completed their first rotation, and we spoke with Emily Cox about her experience on the Customer Partnerships Team.

What drew you to Kipsu in the first place?

I was initially drawn to Kipsu for the ELRP—I thought it was such a unique opportunity to get to experience all of the different teams at a company, as well as a great chance for me to explore different skills and interests. I also knew I wanted to bea . part of a driven, fast-paced company where I would be constantly challenged, and these values aligned very well with the rotation program and Kipsu's culture as a whole.  

Which team were you on in this rotation?What type of projects did you undertake?

For my first rotation, I was part of the Customer Partnerships Team (CPT). During my time on this team, I got to be exposed to the different stages of Kipsu's sales process, from lead generation to teaming up on a sales demo for a prospective partner. I also had a hand in the some of the team's marketing efforts, where I learned the ins and outs of crafting a landing page and effective blog writing.

What project or accomplishment are you most proud of from your first rotation?

Although I haven't actually accomplished it yet, I'm really excited to demo Kipsu for a prospective partner! Coming into this rotation, I was most daunted by the "sales" aspect of the rotation, but I've found myself really enjoying learning more about the product and understanding how to convey that to a potential partner.

What did you find most challenging about this rotation?

I think the most challenging part about this rotation was gaining a better understanding of the different industries that Kipsu supports, especially since many of these industries were very new to me.

What was your biggest takeaway from this rotation?

This rotation was my first real exposure to sales and I learned a lot not only about the process, but how Kipsu's approach differs from other companies. Understanding the industries we support and the daily challenges that our partners face guides how we begin a connection with a potential partner.

Which team will you be with next and what are you most excited about?

Next, I will be joining the Customer Success Team. I'm definitely most excited to get to know our partners and learn more about the ins-and-outs of the Kipsu platform. I also can't wait to get our partners' teams excited about using Kipsu during the onboarding and engagement processes!

What advice do you have to those considering applying for the ELRP?

I highly encourage anyone who's interested to apply! I think the rotation program is a great opportunity to explore different skills and interests, especially for those that don't have a clear career path in mind. If you're looking for a fast-paced environment to try new things and challenge yourself, Kipsu might be a great fit for you!

Want to join us?

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