Kipsu is Moving... Again!

Kipsu is moving to a new home! Two homes to be exact. We moved from the fourth floor to the sixth and seventh floors. From around 3 people to over 70; it’s been an amazing journey.

Kipsu's explosive growth comes with growing pains. Our previous office, nestled on the fourth floor of a building in the Minneapolis Warehouse District, proved to be too small to handle the number of new Kipsuvians joining the team. We paid a bittersweet goodbye to a space home to fond memories. This is Kipsu's fourth official move in five years and we moved to downtown Minneapolis from the Northeast district little more than a year ago. Old memories were replaced by new memories, but one thing remains the same: Kipsu's culture. Even though Kipsu is moving spaces and growing the team at a rapid pace, the culture remains steadfast.

I'd imagine some of you rolled your eyes at the mention of culture. It's a buzzword that every company swears by. It would probably be accurate to say there are plaques, posters, and brochures of what every company's culture is supposed to be plastered onto every conceivable space in most offices. I'd bet that most of these plaques are ignored, and I don't blame you for ignoring them.

"Culture" is a hazy topic. Nearly every company speaks about their great culture, but seldom does "culture" actually inform behaviors and decisions. Company culture is the building block and guidepost for employee interactions, communication with stakeholders, and the company's relationship with the public.

Kipsu delivers and prioritizes maintaining a flourishing team culture that upholds our values. Perhaps the best embodiment of Kipsu culture came to life during the move.

“How do you move a 70+ employee company from a one floor office to a two-floor office that's double the size?”

That's a tough question to answer. It's a long, complicated, and arduous project that most would shy away from. Most companies would outsource all of the details and heavy lifting to a consulting firm.

However, Kipsu's own Meghan Harmening, accounting specialist, raised her hand and took on the challenge.

This entire project's genesis was born of keeping the customer in center focus. Another one of Kipsu's core values that informs our culture is "Think Customer First." Meghan more than embodies that value. She hosted tours taking current Kipsu employees around the then-unfinished office space. This allowed every Kipsu employee to see and become part of the new office building process.

When it came time for the actual move, all Kipsuvians engaged in our core value of "Going Beyond Together." Some people took care of taking up former office keys, others helped withsigning out those who had finished packing up. Everybody took the initiative to do their part and also make the process as smooth as possible for the organizers.

Even though Kipsu is 70+ employees strong and in a new home, our culture is still central to what we do.

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