Kipsu + European Hotels Case Study

Kipsu partners with over 70 hotels across seven European countries helping them further engage with their guests via digital messaging

Case Study: Kipsu + Europe

Discover the power guest messaging makes in Kipsu's partners' daily operations through this new case study.

You can expect to find:

  • Analysis of thousands of online reviews and brand survey scores to uncover the succinct impact of digital messaging
  • How hotels are combatting guest engagement challenges by implementing guest messaging
  • Powerful partner testimonials on how Kipsu has helped their daily operations

Download to discover: 

  • Increases in Brand Survey Scores How hotels gained an average of +12% increase across all service categories
  • Elimination or Decreases in 1- and 2- Star Reviews How digital messaging inherently captures feedback during the guest stay
  • Breadth of Digital Messaging Channels How Kipsu integrates across several messaging platforms to meet the needs of international partnes

Kipsu + European Hotels Case Study

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