22 Free Welcome Note Templates for Hotel Guests

Leave a touch of personality welcoming guests or thanking them for their stay with these free hotel note and text message templates.

A welcome note for hotel guests may seem like a blast from the past, but, in the end, it’s the small gestures of service that make a guest experience great. The moments and for a few hours afterward are absolutely essential to a stellar first impression and solidifying the relationship between your staff and your guest. 

Offering a welcome message for hotel guests- whether a written note in a guest’s room or a text message right to their cell phone- helps solidify the positive first impression a guest experienced at the front desk and offers an easy way to extend service if something might be off when they first enter the room. 

A couple key tips to keep in mind when welcoming a guest with a written note or text format.

Be Concise  

If the guest can’t read the note in 30 seconds or less, they’ll glance at it and not read it. For the message to really stick, keep it brief. When it comes to apology notes or thank you’s to a major conference vendor or wedding party, you may add in a few more details, but a few sentences in a note should generally do the trick!

Use Names  

Use the guest’s name and sign it with your own name. Some environments may lean toward title and last name and some may be more apt to use first name. That’s a call each manager should make for her or his own property. Sounds simple, but it can be time consuming to customize written notes for each guest and each room. Personalized messages are typically easier by text.

Encourage Guests to Reach Out

In your text or in a hotel welcome card message there should be an offer to help should they need anything. In fact, in text, you can ask them directly if they need anything because they’ll actually be able to respond! Don’t worry about opening a can of worms or risking your staff getting over extended- the last thing you want is for the guest to notice something off in the room and not mention it until they visit TripAdvisor when they get home. By leaving a note or sending a welcome message you give the sense of proactive service, even if something in the room is not 100%.

Looking for ideas of welcome, thank you or apology notes? Want welcome message examples of what a written note from a hotel can look like? Download 22 templated ideas below!

22 Free Welcome Note Templates for Hotel Guests

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