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Ashley Boegel

Kipsuvian since
September 2017
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Kipsu recently welcomed Ashley Boegel to our Customer Success team. Prior to joining us, Ashley racked up an impressive array of company function experience including human resources, communications, and sales. We're excited to watch her apply this expertise in the weekly care of our client partners.

What is your favorite thing about working at Kipsu so far?

Everyone I talked with throughout my interview process consistently shared what Kipsu’s culture is like and what they value at Kipsu. As soon as I started working here, I’ve found the culture and values to be true. There are times when people can get caught up in something that turns out to not be what they hoped for. It's refreshing to be a part of something that is what I hoped it would be. Kipsu hires great people and that's what defines their culture and values. So of course, the people are awesome, too.

What has been the biggest change going from a corporate company to an early stage tech company?

At Kipsu, we're empowered to make changes and try new things. People here genuinely work together and it’s energizing. The corporate world can tend to have a “that’s not my job” mentality, which in turn creates a lengthy approval process and delays the goal. We might have different job titles within Kipsu, but that doesn’t separate us. Along with empowering employees, Kipsu is very transparent. When I walked in to the All Hands meeting on my first day, it was really cool to hear Chris keeping everyone on the same page and every question being answered. That's something to be proud of.

We ask every customer "what goals do you want to accomplish by using Kipsu?" What goals do you want to accomplish by workng at Kipsu?

I’ve gotten into jobs in the past where I felt like I didn’t quite fit. I’ve already heard several people at Kipsu say, “just be yourself” when representing Kipsu and doing your job. I want to help the team make a difference and be great because I was being me, not by trying to fit a mold that the workplace made for me. I want to be proud of my team and myself for what we accomplished at work, in a place that doesn’t feel like just going to “work.”

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