Customer Partnerships & Marketing

Megan Gillett

Kipsuvian since
August 2022
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What were you up to before joining Kipsu? 

Before joining Kipsu I was a customer service athlete at Nike, and I am currently a full time student at University of St. Thomas studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Data Analytics.

What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work? 

When I'm not working I can be found outside biking, hiking, and enjoying time with family and friends. I also enjoy baking cookies, bars, and other desserts.

What drew you to Kipsu in contrast to other companies? 

I love the diverse client base that Kipsu works with as well as the personable team here in the office. It's also super fun working downtown Minneapolis, and having the opportunity to explore new areas of the city.

What were some things you noticed about the Kipsu team during your first week?

I love how kind and welcoming everyone has been at Kipsu! I'm given tasks to tackle right off the bat, while learning more about the company and how they operate. I feel like a part of the team already.

What challenges are you looking forward to tackling in your work at Kipsu?

I look forward to helping redo the team page on the website, helping create new social media content, and learn from the marketing team (the professionals) here!

What is your favorite Kipsu core value and why?

My favorite Kipsu core value is to "Never Be Satisfied" because there will always be ways you can do better or work harder. This is something I strive for in all aspects of life.

If you could pick any person for a chat over a shared dinner, who would you pick and why?

I would pick Robin Williams. I'd love to hear him talk, he was an amazing comedian and actor.

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