Peter Soung

Kipsuvian since
October 2022
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What were you up to before joining Kipsu? 

I was working at a QA consulting company for about 3 years. During my time there I worked on many different projects working with automation, persona testing, and many different types of testing.

What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I enjoy playing video games, working out, rock climbing and many more. I also really love to travel, although I haven't gone to too many places since COVID.

What drew you to Kipsu in contrast to other companies? 

My brother worked here a bit ago and he said Kipsu was a great place to work. He was telling me that I would be a great place to grow in my career and a place where I'd be challenged to grow and learn more.

What were some things you noticed about the Kipsu team during your first week?

Definitely, how friendly everyone was. It was really easy to connect with people as a new employee.

What challenges are you looking forward to tackling in your work at Kipsu?

I'm looking forward to helping Kipsu establish a QA flow and potentially a system for automation.

What is your favorite Kipsu core value and why?

Being "Never Satisfied" would have to be my favorite Kipsu core value. I believe that we are all lifelong learners. There is always something to learn, especially in the technology industry. So having the mentality where we're pursing knowledge and learning from our experiences is a trait that I treasure.

If you could pick any person for a chat over a shared dinner, who would you pick and why?

Why pick someone when I can have twice the serving of food? But in actuality, I'd pick some sort of philosopher, perhaps Immanuel Kant, so I could just ask them questions about life, ethics, etc.

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