HIPAA & SMS/MMS Texting - Recent Changes in Telecom Industry Unlock Two-way, Conversational Patient Texting

September 28, 2023 1:00 PM


The desire for texting patients is not new in healthcare. Both patients and healthcare organizations have longed to be able to communicate over text - beyond simple appointment confirmations or links to log in to another app or portal. Until recently, limitations in the telecommunications industry prevented HIPAA-compliant two-way texting. Join us as we dive into recent changes that unlock this powerful communication channel to the healthcare space to reach more patients and waste less time playing phone tag.

In this webinar we’ll highlight

  • Overview of HIPAA as it pertains to SMS & MMS Texting
  • Recent changes to the telecommunications industry to support HIPAA compliance
  • What to consider when implementing a HIPAA compliant SMS & MMS texting channel
  • Opportunities to improve patient experience and overall quality of care with two-way, conversational patient texting

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