Clearing Up Problems Before They Happen With Guest Messaging

How the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Mall of America - MSP Airport is using hotel texting to get ahead of bad reviews



February 28, 2022

A “people person” with years of experience in hospitality, General Manager Veronica Rosbolt is using guest messaging at her Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Bloomington, Minnesota to clear up problems before they happen.  

Providing value near Minnesota hotspots

For visitors of the Mall of America or those needing close proximity to the Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport (MSP), the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mall of America - MSP Airport is the perfect spot. 

“We’re one of the newer hotels around here, which gives us a leg up,” Rosbolt said, mentioning that they’re also an affordable option for IHG Hotels & Resorts rewards members—in fact, approximately 60-70% of visitors are IHG rewards members, she said. 

A hospitality veteran, Rosbolt started her career as a server and moved into hospitality for more  predictable and consistent hours. 

“It’s the same meeting new people, talking about travel, being a part of their life, without the stress of, ‘my money is coming from whether or not these people like me,’” she said of enjoying hospitality over the restaurant life. 

With experience ranging from boutique hotels to Hilton, Rosbolt has seen it all. The first time she saw guest messaging—and how useful it was—was at a boutique hotel that didn’t have phones. Instead, they just had Google Voice Number. “It was super helpful for people to be able to text us quickly,” she said.

Solving problems faster 

Fast forward and she’s now running day-to-day operations at a new, conveniently located Holiday Inn with the help of guest messaging with Kipsu.

A user since fall 2021, in just under six months her hotel has already seen an uptick in survey scores. “People appreciate that you’re checking in on them,” Rosbolt said. 

Whether it’s a lightbulb out in the bathroom or a question about the shuttle that runs to both the Mall of America and MSP, guest questions are answered in real time from the front desk. 

“It’s a great way to clear up problems before they happen,” she said. 

The front desk at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Bloomington W - Mall Area.

As she estimates that 99 percent of guests coming through agree to receive texts, Rosbolt said her team is also nearing that percentage of team members who utilize the platform. To incentivize everyone to use Kipsu, she sets daily goals for factors like response rates, and if team members meet them, they get a free lunch or dinner each month. 

Rosbolt not only sees guest messaging elevating experiences at her work, but also in leisure. On a family trip to the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas, she had the opportunity to use Kipsu from the guest standpoint, texting the concierge about an extra rollaway bed. 

“It was so nice to have that,” she said of using digital messaging as a hotel guest. 

A seamless experience

As technology becomes an increasingly important part of everyday life, Rosbolt expressed that something like guest messaging is something hotels can’t really afford to do without anymore.

“It’s just one of those things that’s become a necessity at this point,” she said. “I don’t even answer my phone, I’d rather push to voicemail and text you back.”

While many conversations just start and end with welcome texts, Rosbolt said one of her favorite parts of the platform is when they get a personalized thank you from a guest. 

“It’s always nice to get a text after check out, [saying] ‘Thanks for a great stay!,’” she said. “It feels good for the front desk.”

Now seamlessly integrated into the front desk process at her Holiday Inn, Rosbolt mentioned customer service and sound alerts as things that set Kipsu apart as an offering. 

“I’ve just been really impressed with the customer service that Kipsu has for the hotels,” she said.


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