Driving Better Patient Outcomes With Digital Messaging

How patient texting can help care teams take better care of patients



September 13, 2022

As the healthcare industry in the US shifts from quantity to quality, providers are looking at how to ensure patients are receiving the best care and having the best experience possible.

But it’s not all up to the providers—patients can make any decision they want when it comes to their health. Patient engagement strategies that include tools like patient texting can help providers increase access to care, facilitate preventative care, and help those seeking care understand their needs.

Removing barriers 

A key component to ensuring patients are receiving top care is removing barriers to said care. It can be tricky to navigate who to see and when, especially as we come out of a global pandemic when it may be risky to see providers in person for minor issues.

One option to increase access and remove barriers is offering telehealth visits. As most everything in our lives turns digital, why not allow patients to interact with their care providers online? 

In fact, Patient Engagement HIT says telemedicine is a key driver in increasing patient engagement —not only is it an easier option overall, but it allows patients to seek care efficiently, potentially avoiding more health issues if waiting for an in-person appointment is necessary.

Another way to engage with patients digitally is through patient texting. With a robust patient messaging platform, providers can connect with patients where they’re most comfortable—on their smartphones. Scheduling appointments, sending reminders about care practices, and just overall checking in over a low-stakes communication channel not only benefits the patient, but also the provider.

Preventative care

Another element to providing quality care is to prevent bigger health issues from happening! Pushing for preventative care can help healthcare providers get out ahead of issues that can be managed by being proactive. 

But again, it’s not always up to the provider. Patients make their own decisions when it comes to their own care, so it’s important to have multiple touchpoints and clear communication. With patient messaging, providers can send over suggestions and instructions pertaining to preventative measures.

Not only are studies showing that preventative care reduces overall costs, but more patients are taking advantage of preventative care than ever. In 2015, almost 40 million patients in the U.S. accessed a form of preventative care.

Providers can utilize patient texting to let patients know of what care is available, keep in touch during the process, and overall be a trusted resource. This not only helps the patient, but benefits providers as well, as patients are more likely to stay with healthcare providers they know and trust.

Increased patient engagement

To provide preventative care, patients need to be interested in it in the first place. Commonly, providers would communicate with patients through phone calls and online patient portals, but messages and voicemails can be left unread for weeks or even months this way.

But with patient texting platforms, digital messages are sent straight to patients’ phones, increasing response times and overall engagement. Better yet, patient messaging paired with a patient portal can help those seeking care better understand their personal health data and make informed decisions on how to proceed.

These are just some of the ways that patient messaging is improving healthcare for both patients and providers. Learn more about top patient messaging solutions or schedule a conversation with our team today!

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