How Digital Messaging Helps Team Tackle Common Property Challenges Head-On

From guest requests to organizing housekeeping, hotel texting is the secret sauce for streamlining operations


Cathryn Mulso


October 27, 2022

It’s no secret that on-site property management teams wear many hats. And it can oftentimes feel like there’s no way to stay caught up. From keeping up on the property, to budgeting, to managing staff, to tracking residents down for rent payments, it can feel overwhelming. 

What ends up taking the back seat to everything else going on is the residents themselves and their experience they are having at the property. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to connect with everyone throughout their leases. 

This is why humanized digital messaging services are the future to resident retention. Here are five powerful ways humanized digital messaging will impact resident experience and retention.  

Increase Resident Renewals

Having personalized and planned messaging throughout a resident’s lease helps encourage communication, maximize renewal rates, and lower overall turnover spend.

Predictable Communication 

Digital messaging gives teams the ability to easily review conversations between residents and staff. This can ensure high-quality service, voice consistency, and professional interactions.

Positive Online Reviews 

Catch feedback in-the-moment through friendly and frictionless channels and provide service recovery before reviews are published.

Sentiment Detection 

With real-time insights, teams can identify happy and unhappy residents, allowing time to either address the situation or prompt a resident to leave a review.

High Corporate Visibility 

Digital messaging provides transparency into tenant satisfaction, interaction, and discussion topics across an entire portfolio of properties.


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