Better Resident Engagement through Messaging

Leverage proactive, 2-way texting to build relationships and drive higher retention among residents, without added burden for frontline teams.

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Resident Satisfaction

Service leaders have relied on Kipsu to help them build and manage digital relationships. The ability to connect in-the-moment, respond to questions, and address concerns among current or prospective residents allows living environment organizations to capture feedback, respond to questions, and address concerns in a familiar and frictionless way throughout a resident’s journey.

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Engagement Themes

These are several of the most popular Kipsu use cases used by living environment organizations.

Build relationships with residents through messaging to foster transparency and proactive communication before lease renewal.

Engage with the resident and check-in with satisfaction working alongside your maintenance team.

Create a natural flow of communication with residents and easily understand their expectations and experiences.

Engage with prospective residents to schedule tour times and follow-up conversations throughout the prospective process.

Answer resident questions concerning package delivery and acceptance.

In-the-moment communication concerning parking for residents, as well as guest parking guidelines and directions.

Immediately notify residents through their preferred channel of communication in an important announcement or emergency.

Resident Retention Program

By increasing resident communication and connection, property managers can improve lease renewals and attract prospective residents by building a reputation for top tier resident experience. Download our executive summary to learn more.

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Kipsu's Product Advisory Board

Kipsu’s Living Environments solution is built side-by-side with industry experts through a strategically-sourced board of advisors with broad experience across multi-family housing, apartments, affordable housing, and more. Our Product Advisory Board members, which include members from American Campus Communities, Beam Living, and CAPREIT provide advice, feedback, and direction of how we can match our long-standing expertise of customer engagement with the insider knowledge of the leasing process, the life cycle of a resident, and the opportunities and challenges of the multi-family housing industry.

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