3 Guest Messaging Takeaways from 3 IHG Partners

Hear from the IHG properties themselves about how Kipsu helps bring them success.


Sonja Swanson


June 13, 2024

Over the past few years, Kipsu has built strong relationships with our IHG partners, and we have seen how guest messaging has elevated the experience for both staff and guests. Some of the hotels have shared their praise for guest messaging at their property - let’s take a look at what they have to say about Kipsu!

On Staff Efficiency/Shortages

“Instead of having to answer a phone call, it’s a click. Saves a lot of headache.” 
Eric Satina, General Manager at Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South

A simple solution for simple requests can relieve staff from tedious tasks and help quickly respond to several guests’ requests in the time it would take to respond to one request via phone call.

“I love it from a manager's standpoint. I can be anywhere and help them by answering messages. I’ll be at a family dinner and pop in and text a guest quick.”
- Alyssa Sullivan, Front Office Manager at Crowne Plaza Suites Providence-Warwick Airport

The ease of access with messaging via phone is not only beneficial to guests but staff as well. Being able to help your team by answering guest messages on your phone without having to take extra time out of your day makes solving guests’ questions that much easier.

“Kipsu is a huge tool for us, because before we had Kipsu, the front desk had to call every arrival. Now we just send a text. It saves a ton of time for our front desk team, it’s super easy. It’s hard to find people right now. If we only have one person at the front desk, they can manage a bit better because guests aren’t standing in line or on hold, because we can just text them.”
- Megan Newman, Director of Sales at Byrd Enterprises

On Brand Loyalty/Building Relationships

Brand loyalty is crucial for properties when looking to boost revenue, and guest messaging is a great tool to strengthen guest loyalty. From loyalty recognition, to building lasting relationships with guests, Kipsu is here to make sure your guests feel welcomed and want to return to an IHG property.

“A big thing that Kipsu has helped us with is telling guests how our brand is a little different.”
- Clinton Heino, General Manager of Avid Hotel Roseville Minneapolis-North

Texts are a great vehicle for brand differentiation! Showcasing how your service and your hotel is different from others is a sure way to stand out and make guests want to return for their next visit.

“The number is still in their phone, so sometimes we get a ‘hey, I’m coming back next week can I book? Some guests will check in with us or send us photos when they get home.”
-  Eric Satina, General Manager at Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South

Guest messaging can make communication easy even after the stay. It’s a simple way guests can reach out to you directly to book again, or even keep in touch after they leave, showcasing the relationships that are created between front desk staff and guests.

On Mid Stay Check-In/Service Recovery

With Kipsu, front desk staff are able to have seamless communication with guests, and are able to intercept any problems before they turn into a bad review. With a mid stay check-in text, hotels can ask how their stay is going so far. This is a great time to address any issues and turn an ok stay into an exceptional one. 

“That’s probably my favorite feature personally, because people could be having a mediocre stay, but you don’t know that until they give you a six on a survey. It’s like, I wish we had known that it wasn’t great.”
- Alyssa Sullivan, Front Office Manager at Crowne Plaza Suites Providence-Warwick Airport

Now the Crown Plaza relies on the automated mid-stay message to ask guests to rate their stay 1-10. If it’s lower than a 7 or 8, they get to work on their service recovery.

“It opens this line of communication for you to ask, ‘Is the room comfortable?”
- Eric Satina, General Manager at Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South

Eric’s team prioritizes the welcome and mid-stay messages to help with small requests that make a big difference.

“With capabilities like the mid check-in message, it helps the team stay positive and receive feedback because they’re asking for it.”
- Megan Newman, Director of Sales at Byrd Enterprises

Not only are the mid stay messages good to address unnoticed issues, it is an opportunity for staff to hear positive feedback directly from guests!

From relieving staff to bringing convenience to guests, Kipsu continues to help IHG meet the moment. Interested to hear more from our IHG partners? Watch our IHG testimonial video to hear the positive feedback directly from the properties!

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