3 Ways Management Companies Can Create Standard Operating Procedures Across Multiple Hotel Brands

A good SOP acts as critical infrastructure for your staff—especially across multiple properties.


Sonja Swanson


July 24, 2023

A great Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a living one, continually gathering data and making improvements in response to emerging situations. It’s the cornerstone of a thriving business. An SOP can prevent/lessen/resolve incidents and strengthen staff trust by empowering them to problem solve quickly and confidently. Creating a unified SOP across multiple hotel brands allows you to streamline training, incident prevention, and recovery.  Here are 3 ways to create a unified SOP.

1. Use one platform

Centralizing the management of your properties through a single software (like Kipsu!) helps streamline processes and procedures across an entire portfolio of properties. This enables management companies to better monitor operations and facilitates the sharing of best practices among different properties. Using Kipsu as the singular guest communications platform means there is one unified method to respond to guests across all of your properties. 

2. Create a standard for onboarding (train everyone the same)

Train everyone the same! A cohesive training protocol for all properties helps reveal where the strengths and faults in a training program are. By creating a standard for employee onboarding, every staff member is equipped with the same tools from the start and will operate under the same general modalities. Plus, adjustments to training can be made more effectively.

3. Gather feedback

Ask current employees what they believe needs work. The people who really know what’s going well and what isn’t are the employees at the helm who operate with the current procedures and workflow. Meet with and collect data from employees to learn what they think needs improvement. Work this into your SOP!

SOP’s are needed in every department, from front desk to housekeeping, to maintenance, to tech. After creating SOP’s the job is not done. You’ll want to review, test, edit, repeat! Check back in with previously polled employees and ask them if the changes have been effective. 

Creating an SOP that is effective across an entire portfolio of properties can seem daunting but it is the best thing you can do for your staff and your bottom line. And unifying all of your properties into the same procedures and software helps promote this. 

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