4 Guest Questions Hotels Can Answer With AI-Suggested Replies

How AI Can Help With Your Guest Messaging


Sonja Swanson


October 17, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the hot topic of 2023, and it’s no different for the hospitality industry. AI offers plenty of opportunities to help revolutionize how operations are conducted at hotels. With guest messaging, AI offers the ability to auto-generate replies to common questions from your guests, saving your front desk time while keeping communication and service consistent. Let’s take a look at some guest questions and what the AI-suggested replies could look like.

1: “How long is the pool open?”

A common question guests ask during their stay is regarding hours of operation. Questions like, “What are your pool hours today?” or “How long is breakfast available?” are common enough with often simple responses. AI-suggested replies can save you time with repetitive tasks by formulating a message for the guest.

“Hi, Tammy. Pool hours are open today from 9 AM to 11PM.”

2: “What is the Wi-Fi password?”

Most guests are looking for access to the wi-fi, whether for work or their own entertainment through their phones. Use AI-suggested replies to send a simple response to the guest.

“Hello, John. Connecting to the Wi-Fi is very simple. When you connect to the wifi, enter in your last name and room number when prompted, and it shall give you access to the internet. Let me know if you have any issues with the connection.”

3: “Can we make reservations at the restaurant?”

In-house restaurants at hotels are convenient for guests looking for a place to eat without leaving the building. If they are on a time crunch, they can be looking to try and get in at a specific time and avoid waiting times. AI can help you prompt the conversation and get their reservation in a timely manner. Add an additional layer of productivity (and potential revenue) with a guest messaging Food and Beverage line - so you can take reservations, let guests know when their tables are ready, and facilitate takeout or room service orders.

“Hi, Carrie - yes, our restaurant does take reservations. Do you want to make a reservation for tonight?”

4: “What time is check-out?”

The question that front desk staff will almost always be asked every day. It’s an easy enough question to respond to, but when you have multiple guests ask the same question in a few hours, it can take some time to type the same message over and over again when you are trying to check out guests at the same time. Use AI-suggested replies to cut the amount of time creating a message and give every guest the attention they deserve.

“Good morning, Nick! Check-out is at 11 AM today.”

There are several questions that guests frequently ask, and artificial intelligence is a great tool to streamline common responses. As technology continues to evolve, lean into the evolution and find opportunities to help improve your hotel operations. At Kipsu, we do the work and continue to find innovative solutions for guest messaging, including AI-suggested replies. 

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