5 Digital Messaging Features to Enhance the Resort Experience

Our digital messaging offers features that both your guests and staff will love!


Sonja Swanson


December 4, 2023

Managing large resorts requires strong communication between departments, employees, and guests. Having a single SaaS solution that provides digital communication could optimize your team efficiency and enhance your guest experience. Luckily, Kipsu’s digital messaging offers many features that could easily increase your ROI. From food and beverage capabilities, to broadcasting messages site-wide, take a look at five of Kipsu’s digital messaging features.

1. Digital Asset Management

Digital Assets allows you to create a library of helpful information to easily share with guests via SMS or WhatsApp. This feature can save your team time and effort while providing valuable advice and specific information to guests - conveniently at their fingertips. Simply upload and send files or shortened links to customers. Teams often attach menus, maps of the resort, links to local attractions, or any other information that is better communicated through rich content.

2. Food and beverage

When guests can order food and beverages from anywhere on the property, they do! Especially when hotels make it convenient and simple with minimal impact to the guest’s experience through digital messaging.

Add the menus of the restaurants on your property through the Digital Asset feature to easily send to the guests. Guests can then text in food and drink orders from anywhere on your resort, even poolside, directly to the F&B designated number. You can transfer the message to the appropriate staff to complete the request, and update guests on their food orders as they’re prepared. This convenient feature will enhance the guest experience while boosting your food and beverage revenue.

3. Team Dashboards

Establishing separate dashboards for each department is a great way to help staff stay focused on their specific deliverables without having to sift through other team’s action items. Team Dashboards makes request delegation simple with a few clicks, saving time calling between departments to arrange requests. Each department’s dashboard provides a straightforward task list without the obstruction of other departments. You can also configure multiple properties under one dashboard, which is a huge plus for those managing large resorts. 

4. Outreach

Kipsu enables messages to be sent to every checked-in guest with one click through the Outreach feature. Not only does this have the potential to elevate the guest’s service experience, but in times of crisis, communicating quickly, effectively, and with everyone under your roof is of utmost importance.

You can quickly and easily keep guests in the loop on closed amenities, outages, or maintenance being performed on the property that may affect their stay. Additionally, it helps hospitality teams deliver safety instructions in the event of an emergency, all while keeping the line of communication with the property open and at guests’ fingertips. Send important communication to all checked-in guests via Kipsu, especially in the moments when every second counts.

5. Meetings and Events

Are you hosting a wedding or a conference at your resort? Keep your event planners happy and returning (as well as the large groups of people they’re planning for).

Utilizing guest tags and the Outreach feature enables targeted group messages that keep everyone, guests and staff alike, connected and coordinated on the “day of”. Send targeted groups of guests a message using “tags”, and communicate event happenings or updates with one text and reach everyone with that tagged designation.

These are just some of the features that Kipsu provides that can boost your resort’s ROI. Instead of having multiple platforms that operate your digital communications, keep it all under one SaaS solution for an easy, efficient experience. Interested in learning more about Kipsu? Schedule a conversation with us today!

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