5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Guest Loyalty Scores

Recognition feels good: Here’s how to organically apply loyalty recognition to your guests’ experience.


Lucianne Colon


March 28, 2023

Loyalty programs build long-term relationships with guests, and create a sense of brand loyalty that keeps them coming back. But the program’s perks won’t raise your loyalty scores on their own—so how can you help support the success of your loyalty program? You boost loyalty recognition. In other words, give your guests a shout out for being loyalty members. Here’s 5 ways to make guests feel special and implement little things they’ll want to write home about (or, write a review about!)

1. Send a welcome message

Your guest arrives and checks in. They make it up to their room and check their phone to find a message from a front desk member. Jake (let’s call him Jake) welcomes them, thanks them for being a rewards member, and asks “is everything alright with the room?” The welcome message creates the primary avenue of communication. If the guest walks into the bathroom and discovers they’re missing hand soap, they feel at ease texting Jake to let him know. 

2. Communicate your perks

Your property probably has some wonderful amenities, and your loyalty program probably has even more. It’s great practice to send your guests a message reminding them of what they’re getting. Highlighting their loyalty member benefits and property amenities ensures that they don’t miss out on taking a dip in the hot tub at the end of a long day. 

3. Make your guests feel like VIP’s

Kipsu’s outreach feature allows you to tag and contact all loyalty members in one message. While useful for wedding parties and other on site groups, it can also serve as a way to invite your guests to exclusive loyalty member events. Does your hotel host Happy Hours for loyalty rewards members at the bar? Let them know! The personal invite is the human touch guests appreciate, and you want to build the story they are a valued loyalty member. 

4. Send random notes of recognition

Taking a moment to send a note of thanks to your guests for their loyalty makes them feel valued. While you don’t want to send these out to every member (lest they catch on to you) this personal touch shows that you care about your guests’ stay and are grateful they chose your property—and that goes a long way. Everyone likes to be appreciated. 

5. The digital check-out

Save your guests the hassle of stopping at the front desk or waiting in line on their way out. This is the final touch of ease that your guests can enjoy as a part of their experience. Send them a text message a few hours before they check out to let them know they can check out digitally, and slip in one last thank you for being a loyalty member. 

Why the shoutout matters

When you recognize your guests’ status, it builds trust and rapport between you. You’ve made them the main character of their stay—they should be. When you keep your guests on your mind, you stay on theirs. This translates to higher reviews, loyalty score increases, and the ever reliable word-of-mouth recommendation. While there’s no single silver bullet when it comes to cultivating a great guest experience, Kipsu’s platform helps you execute all the little moments that build it.

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