A Night in the Life of Jonny Overnight

The inside scoop on our night shift expert!



April 7, 2022

It’s one thing to provide a digital messaging solution for hospitality partners that increases staff efficiency and improves the guest experience, but it’s another thing entirely to provide support around the clock. 

Part of what makes Kipsu stand out as a solution is our customer support team, which includes our superhero, Jonny Overnight!

Weeding people in

From working for a nonprofit to volunteering as a firefighter, Jonny Briones specializes in helping others. Moving up to Minnesota after a much warmer college experience in Florida, he had a few other overnight positions in tech support that prepared him for the night shift lifestyle.

What brought him to Kipsu was the way the job posting was worded, he said. “I remember something so unique about how they worded it,” on the career site, he said. “If you have something to bring to the table, what would it be?”

Briones described it as weeding people in, rather than weeding them out—asking what they could bring to the position, instead of narrowing down candidates based on a list of concrete skills. 

This intrigued him, so he applied and was brought onto the Kipsu team in August 2021—in just a matter of months, he coined the nickname Jonny Overnight.

An average night 

Clocking in around 11pm, he starts by answering voicemails and requests that may have come in before he started his shift. Due to the late hours and international aspect, it’s less phone calls and more emails, he said. 

Briones explained that while there are a good number of international calls that come in, it’s a lot of stateside people that need overnight support too—like night auditors, and those working the front desk during the late evening.

“It’s probably fifty-fifty, international and domestic,” he said of the requests that he gets from Kipsu customers on any given night. 

Creating relationships 

His favorite part of the job is meeting new people, Briones said. Whether it be someone in the state next door or the Philippines, it’s always interesting to figure out how to communicate with them and form a relationship. 

“I love meeting new people from other parts of the world,” he said of all the Kipsu partners he’s gotten to meet over the years. 

Once, during a service outage, he was using his personal phone to converse with a customer in the Asian Pacific market, sending sample messages signed “Jonny Kipsu.” A few weeks later, he woke up to a bunch of messages on his personal cell saying “Jonny Kipsu,” and thought he was dreaming—but it was just his new friends on the other side of the world.

Jonny Overnight is a key member of our customer success team and we wouldn’t be Kipsu without him!

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