Best Messaging Practices for Each Marriott Bonvoy Tier

Treat loyalty members with an added flair with this personalized language.



November 8, 2022

Hospitality loyalty programs may seem singularly advantageous to guests—instant perks that build with each night’s stay at a hotel—but they’re also great for properties. By building brand loyalty and being rewarded for choosing Marriott, guests are more likely to book directly and leave glowing reviews. 

Through the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, each of the six tiers gets a different set of benefits. From free Wi-Fi and point bonuses to late check-out and room upgrades, each level is having a slightly different experience—so treat them accordingly. Specific language with each type of loyalty partner will only boost the guest experience and give them a reason to come back.

Overview of Marriott Bonvoy

Available to any kind of guest, the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program is an easy way for travelers to earn points every time they visit a Marriott—and a way for properties to boost direct bookings and brand loyalty.

With six tiers starting with free Wi-Fi and mobile check-in features instantly after signing up, the guest can rise up the levels that include bonus points on hotel purchases and late checkout. After 50+ nights a year, Marriott loyalty members can enjoy more suave perks such as lounge access and dedicated support—and if they’re a Marriott superfan, they get complimentary breakfast, a 48-hour booking guarantee, and personalized service.

Different levels and suggested messaging 


Anyone can sign up instantly for the Marriott Bonvoy program and unlock free Wi-Fi, member rates, and mobile check-in services. After 10 qualifying room nights is when they can start moving up the ranks and really cash in on those benefits.

For this initial tier, try a simple welcome message via hotel texting to recognize that they (most likely recently) became a member:

“Hi <first name>! Welcome to <property name>.  We’re happy to have you as a Marriott Bonvoy member — please don’t hesitate to reach out with anything you need! How does your room look?”

Silver Elite and Gold Elite

After 10 and then 25 stays at a Marriott per year, travelers move up to the Silver Elite and Gold Elite levels, respectively. These levels start to show a dedication to staying at Marriott properties, and include perks such late check-out and in-hotel welcome gifts. 

Treat them with a little extra flair to show appreciation for their brand loyalty with a welcome message via hospitality messaging:

“Hello, <first name!> We’re pleased to host you at <property name> as a Marriott Bonvoy <Silver/Gold> Elite Member. The Wi-Fi password is <password> and check out is at <time> but can be extended to <time>. Is there anything you need right away?”

Platinum Elite and Titanium Elite 

After 50 and 75 nights respectively — nearly 2-3 months out of the year!—Marriott Bonvoy loyalty members move up to the Platinum Elite and Titanium Elite levels. These travelers are lifelong Marriott fans and have been showing their loyalty for some time. 

With lounge access, check-out as late as 4pm, and dedicated Elite support 24/7, they’re already getting the special treatment, so make sure their welcome message language reflects this: 

“Hello <Mr./Mrs./Ms. last name>! We are thrilled to host you again as a Marriott Bonvoy <Platinum/Titanium> Elite Member at <property name>. The Wi-Fi password is <password> and check-out can be as late as 4pm. How is your room looking so far?”

Ambassador Elite 

Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite members are as committed and as luxury as it gets. Make sure they are receiving top-notch guest service, around-the-clock assistance, and anything they might need during their stay. 

After all, they’ve stayed 100 or more nights per year at a Marriott—in addition to the welcome gifts and lounge access that comes with Platinum and Titanium Elite levels, this tier comes with five Suite Night Award nights, flexibility to choose a 24-hour check-in and check-out time, and personal Ambassador Service with every stay.

Ensure every stay is special with these guests by sending highly personalized language in their welcome messages:

“Good <AM/PM>, <Mr./Mrs./Ms. last name>! We are very pleased to welcome you once again to <property name> as a Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite member. Text this number whenever you need anything at all. Can we get you a welcome snack?”

These are just some examples of welcome messages when communicating via guest messaging. Find more free welcome message templates or schedule a conversation with our team of hotel texting experts.

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