Courtyard High Point Hospitality Highlight

Leveraging Kipsu to Resolve Guest Issues in Real-Time



August 30, 2019

Located in the "Home Furnishings Capital of the World," the Courtyard High Point serves families and business travelers. After their first month, this property became one of Kipsu's most active users. Ken Liles, General Manager, said he was hesitant at first to go "all in" with Kipsu's platform, but pulled the trigger after talking to a nearby property.

"One of our front desk agents, Elizabeth, is a young girl who is on the shy side. She's a hard worker, but isn't comfortable calling guests' rooms," Ken said. He explained that Elizabeth enjoys communicating with guests via text. She sends a welcome to nearly every guest. Ken says "She's just made it standard practice for us." With Kipsu, Elizabeth is able to provide elevated customer service while feeling comfortable and confident in her work.

Assistant General Manager, Patrick, recalls a time when a guest was so excited to receive a text from the front desk, they responded in ALL CAPS. This guest was accustomed to welcome phone calls to his room from past stays, but was thrilled to get a text instead. Many guests now find direct calls intrusive and prefer the casualness of communicating via text, which is why this Courtyard jumped at the opportunity to integrate with Kipsu.

Guest Services Manager, Amoy, loves that she can leverage Kipsu to resolve guest issues in real-time to "help the team get that win." Ken echos the sentiment by highlighting how his team uses Kipsu to turn negative experiences into positive ones, which boosts brand survey scores.  Patrick sees Kipsu as a "fantastic way for guests to vent concerns before turning to a review site." This team's dedication to soliciting honest feedback by engaging with guests regularly contributes to their success.

(From left to right): Kenneth Lile, General Manager; Urshela Harrison, Front Desk Associate; Amoy Lindo-Coleman, Guest Services Manager; Patrick Walker, Assistant General manager.

The team at the Courtyard High Point uses Kipsu to recognize their most loyal guests by acknowledging these guests' status in welcome messages at check-in. Repeat guests and business travelers have high expectations, and this nod of recognition aides in improving guest satisfaction.

"I love that I can use Kipsu to resolve guest issues in real-time so I can help my team get that win!" - Amoy, Guest Services Manager

Ken, Patrick, and Amoy spoke at length about how integrating Kipsu into their operations makes their staff feel closer to their guests. Kipsu is thrilled to continue to work with Courtyard High Point to provide unparalleled customer service for guests! To schedule a demo and find ways for Kipsu to up level your property's guest experience, reach out here!

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