Elevate Your Student Housing: A Digital Messaging Guide for the School Year

Because there are many ways that you can use messaging to connect with students beyond move-in day.


Sonja Swanson


September 12, 2023

Now that your students are settled in, you can let out a sigh of relief for another successful move-in day and gear up for another exciting academic year! Whether you used digital messaging for your move-in process or not, there are several other ways you can optimize texting for student housing throughout the year. From emergency communication to holiday check-ins, we've got your back with some savvy strategies that'll make your messaging game strong.

A Little Check-In Can Do Wonders

Semesters can be a rollercoaster, and students might feel like they're spinning. Why not be their safety net? Regular check-ins through digital messages will help you uncover concerns they might not voice in person. Create some conversation starters that feel like a warm virtual hug. Starting chats with "Hey there, how's the campus treating you?" might just open the door for connection.

SOS: Emergency Communication

When emergencies strike, every second counts. That's where your trusty digital messaging steps in. Ping students through their preferred communication channel with crucial updates. Whether it's a burst pipe or a campus-wide event, make sure you are making clear communication through your messages. 

Nudging, Reminding, and Programming

Deadlines and events – they're like frenemies. But with digital messaging, you can ping those groups with gentle reminders about deadlines and upcoming events. Think of yourself as the friendly neighborhood reminder service. Students will appreciate your nudge, especially when exams are on the horizon.

Feedback: Your Secret Ingredient for Better Programs

Do you want to know what your students really think? Get your feedback through digital messaging! After events, send out surveys and ask for their input. Students love being heard. 

Homeward Bound: Holiday Check-Ins

Holidays mean empty apartments, but your digital messaging keeps the connection alive. Send off messages with a sprinkle of "Enjoy your time back home!" and a dash of "We're here if you need anything." For returning students, ask if they've got questions or worries – it's like helping them dust off their capes before they fly back to campus.

So there you have it, your digital messaging toolkit for enhancing the student housing experience. Whether you're recruiting student staff or reaching out for a simple check-in, digital messaging is there to help all year long! If you are interested in learning how you can implement digital messaging for your student housing, schedule a conversation with us today!

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