From Turtles to Natural Disasters

How hospitality messaging creates memorable moments



June 14, 2022

One of the most notable parts of traveling is seeing the different wildlife and nature that each region of the planet hosts. At the Shangri La Al Husn and Barr Al Jissah, teams are ensuring that guests see some of their greatest wonders—and staying safe—by using hospitality guest messaging.

When the weather has other plans for New Years

Ameen Mohamed and his team have been using hotel texting with Kipsu at both the Al Husn and Barr Al Jissah properties — over 600 rooms spread across two beautiful resorts on the coast of Oman — since the end of last year to help resolve issues and provide a better guest experience. 

“The recovery is quite fast, because of the communication channels being open,” he said of using the tool to complete guest requests.

But perhaps his favorite feature is the Outreach feature, which allows front desk teams to contact everyone staying at the property at once. 

“It’s helped us in many ways, when we have to share important information,” Ameen said. This exact thing happened on New Years of last year, when inclement weather caused a change in timing for an outdoor event at the onsite restaurant. With little time to inform all guests of this important time change, the best way was to reach out through the Kipsu platform. 

Received by all the guests in house, the evening was saved. “It was appreciated by everyone who had signed up [to receive text messages], to know in advance,” he said. 

Baby turtle haven

Another instance of Ameen and his team using the Outreach feature of hospitality messaging is when they inform guests about the miracle of life. 

The Shangri La properties sit on one of five turtle nesting sites in the whole country of Oman. “We’re having turtle hatching on an almost daily basis, it’s a very unique place,” he said of the resort’s prime location for hatching season. 

When these little creatures come out of their eggs, the Shangri La team notifies guests to come (safely) gather and observe them crawling into the sea. 

“So we send the messages, and it helps with the timing for this wonderful experience happening,” Ameen said. As soon as the baby turtles come out, both kids and adults all exclaim in wonder. 

This unique use of hotel texting is just one of many. Follow along for more stories on how guest messaging can create memorable experiences or schedule a conversation with the Kipsu team today.

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