Guest Communication = the Key to Providing a Standout Experience

Why hotel texting is that missing piece for a memorable stay



November 17, 2022

After years of not traveling, the public is ready to hit planes, trains, and automobiles once again. But many have the same attitude towards travel that they did pre-pandemic, and aren’t willing to sacrifice experience due to low staffing and overworked teams in hospitality. 

To provide the same outstanding service without the team members, hotel staff need automated tools that can increase efficiency, such as hotel guest messaging. By integrating with existing systems, hospitality texting can give guests a personalized experience, increase touchpoints for feedback and quick service recovery, and overall provide a better outcome for both staff and travelers.

Providing the best possible experience

Travelers are getting back out into the world at record rates—in fact, Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta claims the “Golden Age of Travel” is yet to come as the hospitality industry experiences a strong recovery.

But with rising numbers come hiring struggles. Workers are hard to come by or turn over quickly, with more guests and fewer people to serve them. To overcome this, hotels have been turning to integrated technologies to communicate with guests more efficiently and effectively.

Hotel texting services that integrate with top PMS systems in the industry can help organize and automate guest data (ex: if they are a loyalty member), keep track of maintenance tickets, and glean feedback directly from guest messaging.

If team member processes are more streamlined, so is the guest experience. By texting in requests to a central system, guests can see quick service recovery and ultimately have a more enjoyable experience. And all this with fewer team members!

Touchpoints throughout

Nobody likes their stay to be interrupted by constant phone calls or trips to the front desk for additional amenities. With hotel messaging, travelers can text one number that goes to all hotel staff and get their extra towels, toothpaste, or late check-out request scheduled, with minimal interruption.

Plus, hotel teams can automate certain messages to lessen the work on their end, and make guests feel special throughout the stay. Starting with a welcome message after check-in, making sure everything is going smoothly with a mid-stay check-in, and following up after check-out with a survey gives teams an opportunity to find out how the stay is going before potential issues turn into bad reviews.

With these messages throughout the stay, teams can garner instant feedback from guests—were they satisfied with the request fulfillment? Is there anything else they can get from them? Guests will also feel taken care of without the nagging of a phone call or line at the front desk.

Better for everyone

Hospitality messaging isn’t just a pro for guests. With the option to automate messages, organize data and integrate systems, and communicate internally, hotel text messaging systems are also win-wins for hotel staff.

Imagine there’s just one person working the front desk. Instead of having to put people on hold or deal with a long queue at the front desk, they can calmly message all guests to deal with requests, and send them off to the correlating team.

Not only are they less stressed, but guests are happy that their requests are taken care of. 

Communicating with guests is key to providing that experience that they’ll remember, and hospitality texting is one of the best ways to do it. Learn more about guest messaging or schedule a conversation with the team today.

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