How a Hospitality Mindset in Multifamily Boosts ROI

The skills of hospitality that transfer to multifamily


Sonja Swanson


November 14, 2023

The hospitality industry offers a lot of valuable skills that transfer into other industries as well, including multifamily. With hybrid of hotel and multifamily properties emerging, it makes sense how these two can help enhance each other. Adopting a hospitality mindset in the multifamily industry can lead to significant growth in ROI. Here are 10 ways this can happen:

  1. Increased Resident Retention: When apartments provide a high-quality, welcoming living experience, residents are more likely to stay longer. This reduces turnover costs, including advertising, marketing, and turning units for new residents, which can be substantial (the average turnover cost per unit nationally is around $4,000). Higher resident retention means a more consistent cash flow and, ultimately, a better ROI.
  1. Higher Rental Rates: A hospitality mindset can allow properties to justify higher rental rates. Residents are often willing to pay a premium for the convenience, amenities, and service associated with a hospitality-oriented property. Increased rental income directly boosts ROI. 
  1. Attracting Quality Residents: Hospitality-oriented properties tend to attract more responsible and reliable residents. These residents are more likely to pay their rent on time, take better care of their apartment and the property, and be more respectful to their neighbors. Lower delinquency and reduced property damage result in better ROI.
  1. Improved Reputation and Occupancy Rates: Properties known for their hospitality mindset tend to have better reputations in the community and online. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can lead to higher occupancy rates. A property with consistently high occupancy rates generates more income, contributing to ROI.
  1. Reduced Operating Costs: A focus on hospitality often leads to more efficient property management. By anticipating and addressing resident needs proactively, properties can reduce the number of complaints and maintenance requests. Lower maintenance costs and fewer unexpected expenses can positively impact ROI.
  1. Additional Revenue Streams: Hospitality-oriented properties may introduce additional revenue streams through services and amenities, such as on-site yoga, laundry services, or pet care. These services can provide supplemental income, which increases ROI.
  1. Positive Referrals and Renewals: Happy and satisfied residents are  more likely to refer friends and family to the property, which can reduce marketing and advertising expenses. Additionally, a hospitality mindset can encourage residents to renew their leases, further enhance resident retention and reduce turnover costs.
  2. Stronger Brand Differentiation: A property that excels in hospitality differentiates itself from competitors. It can develop a strong brand and position itself as a premium living option, allowing for the potential to command higher rental rates and attract residents looking for a unique and enjoyable living experience.
  1. Sustainability and Long-Term Growth: A hospitality-oriented approach often considers long-term sustainability and environmental considerations. Energy-efficient features and sustainable practices can lower utility costs and enhance the property’s appeal to environmentally conscious residents, contributing to ROI over time. 
  1. Investor Attraction: A property with a strong ROI history and a reputation for excellent management is more attractive to potential investors. This can lead to opportunities for property expansion or enhancement, further growing ROI.

There are several elements of the hospitality industry that prove to be beneficial in the multifamily sector. To learn more about how Kipsu's hospitality solutions transfer to the multifamily industry, schedule a conversation with us today!

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