How Digital Messaging and Mobile Key Can Work Together

The growing technology behind contactless check-in and how it makes for an efficient stay



May 10, 2022

As hotel technology becomes more ingrained at properties large and small, features like mobile key are taking the industry by storm. Efficient? Yes. But an all-in-one solution on its own? Not quite.

Combining mobile key with digital messaging platforms can elevate the guest experience and help with any troubleshooting that may arise during contactless check-in.

Why use mobile key?

As hotels move towards more contactless check-in processes, it only makes sense to get your key virtually as well. Mobile key saves time for both guests to check in digitally and skip the front desk, and also increases efficiency for hotel teams: no lines at the front desk or lengthy check-in processes.

Mobile key also gives the guest more control and flexibility over their stay. This freedom enhances the guest experience, as well as increases brand loyalty—many mobile key offerings exist within a hotel brand’s app, thus not only increasing the likelihood of guests downloading it, but using it to book directly, earn rewards points, and more.

Hotels can also avoid the cost of printing new hotel key cards for those lost or stolen. For these reasons and more, over 95% of hotels are considering using mobile key at their properties, if they don’t have it already.

How does it work?

Guests can access mobile key features through an app on their smartphones—either hotel branded or through a third party. Using Bluetooth, a signal is sent between the guest room door and the guest’s smartphone. Once within range, the mobile key-equipped lock unlocks automatically. 

Using mobile key requires guests to download a hotel-branded or third party app to access the functionality. Oftentimes, the key will allow guests to unlock their rooms as well as gain access to common areas such as spas and fitness centers.

Perks of adding digital messaging

Eliminating the front desk in the check-in process can be both a pro and a con for the guest experience, as well as hotel teams. While it’s more efficient for both sides, it eliminates the opportunity for guests and front desk staff to interact, removing human touchpoints that can make or break a stay.

This not only lessens communication but can also lead to negative guest satisfaction scores and reviews. Meanwhile, hotel teams were unaware of the situation due to the contactless process.

A solution to this is to pair mobile key offerings with a guest messaging platform. Guests can communicate with teams via hotel texting and digital messaging to submit requests, ask questions, and give feedback in real time. 

By utilizing hospitality messaging alongside mobile key, potential negative reviews can be captured and taken care of before they make it on TripAdvisor—the ability to contact the front desk directly gives guests ease of mind and hotel teams a chance to make it right. 

Hotels can simultaneously offer flexibility and freedom while delivering genuine human interactions by pairing mobile key with hotel texting services like Kipsu. Learn more about guest messaging in hospitality or schedule a conversation today!

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