Maintain a Comfortable Work Environment With Guest Messaging

Keep employees feeling safe by integrating digital messaging practices in hospitality



June 16, 2022

On any given day, front desk teams are doing it all—checking guests in and out of the hotel, dealing with guest requests, coordinating shuttles… you name it. And this can all be pretty stressful, especially if guests aren’t in their best mood.

Hotel guest messaging can ease the daily stresses of front desk tasks: from providing more time to compose responses to eliminating biases that may be there in person, hotel texting gives teams room to breathe.

Reducing stress

Imagine a guest is unhappy with their room, or something is wrong on the reservation. Rather than potentially being yelled at or dealing with in-person emotions, front desk teams can calmly deal with requests and potential issues via hotel texting.

This gives more time for both parties to respond, sometimes helping to deescalate the situation. While emotions may run high in person and things may be said in the moment that they could regret, hospitality texting gives both parties more time to think about their message. 

Since texting for hotels provides a calmer mode of communication, more introverted personalities at the front desk are put at ease, one hotel GM told us. Translation features within top messaging platforms also reduce the stressors of communicating through language barriers with the ability to automatically translate messages in over 60 languages.

Eliminating discrimination 

A hotel text messaging system allows for digital engagement between front desk teams and guests. Not only is this more convenient, but can also help eliminate biases that may arise in person. 

While an unfortunate aspect of any business, discrimination still happens every day. Communicating over guest messaging allows front desk teams to make a great impression without judgment of appearance or other characteristics—for instance, a guest may discriminate based on a person’s accent, but over hotel texting, users can’t tell. 

With stored message templates and quick replies, hotel teams using guest messaging for hospitality can ensure a brand standard response to commonly-asked questions. This also guarantees a well-crafted response for each and every guest staying at the hotel, making sure everyone receives the same quality of service.

Staying safe 

Interacting with up to hundreds of people a day, the security of hotel employees is top of mind for those in the industry. 

Management can ensure their teams feel comfortable with hotel texting services—not only does it help give additional time for responses and provide an element of anonymity, but it also can be viewed by the entire front desk team and managers.

For instance, if messages coming from a guest are making a team member uncomfortable, another team member can reply to the same conversation and sign another name—or a fake name entirely—making it clear that messages are going to an entire team and protecting identities. 

While these bring to mind worst-case scenarios that are hopefully rare, it’s important to know the additional features of guest messaging and how texting for hospitality can keep team members comfortable! Learn more about hospitality messaging and what else it can help hotels accomplish.

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