Messaging Templates for Each Hilton Loyalty Tier

Language to use for each loyalty tier to make every guest feel special



July 27, 2022

Hotel brands encourage properties to get loyalty signups not just because it’s a great deal for the guest, but also because it helps hotels boost brand loyalty, increase satisfaction scores, and increase direct booking.

With rising popularity and newer perks, the Hilton Honors program isn’t hard to sell, but it’s important to think about what language should be used with each tier in the program! This can help loyalty partners feel valued and keep rising up the levels.

Overview of Hilton Honors

The Hilton Honors program is a robust offering for members that includes a wide variety of perks! 

Starting at just 0-6 nights for the basic tier going all the way up to 42+ nights, which includes exclusive lounge access, a 48-hour room guarantee, and milestone bonuses, there’s a level and an offering for everyone.

A program like this isn’t hard to sell, but treating each tier with a different level of communication and service can make all the difference.

Different levels and suggested messaging 

  • Member

With Hilton Honors, guests don’t have to stay a minimum number of nights to start cashing in—once signed up, they’re automatically at the Member tier until they’ve stayed more than 6 nights. 

Since this level, which includes free Wi-Fi, the option to choose a room, and digital offerings such as contactless check-in and check-out, doesn’t require a lot of commitment, basic language can be used:

“Welcome <first name!> We are excited to have you as a Hilton Honors member at the <property name>. The Wi-Fi password is <insert password> and check-out is at <check-out time>. Is there anything we can get you right away?”
  • Silver & Gold

These levels, available after 7 and 28 nights respectively, show more commitment to the Hilton brand and are rewarded with more perks accordingly: 20%-80% points earning bonus on each stay, every fifth night free, and space-available room upgrades.

Treat them with a little extra pizzazz to show thanks for their loyalty and make sure they’re comfortable:

“Hello <first name!> We are pleased to welcome you to <property name> as a <Silver/Gold> Hilton Honors member. The free Wi-Fi  is <insert password> check-out is <check-out time>. Can we get you any complimentary water right away?”
  • Diamond

After 42+ nights, this loyalty partner is a ride-or-die Hilton fan and should be treated as such!

This tier gets 100% points earning bonus on every stay, executive lounge access, and a 48-hour room guarantee—needless to say, they are expecting the top experience a Hilton can offer. Make sure they’re feeling valued with a curated welcome message:

“Hello, Mr./Ms./Mrs. <last name>! We are delighted to welcome you once again to <property name>. The premium Wi-Fi password is <insert password> and the lounge is open until <lounge close time>. How is everything looking so far?”

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