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Patient experience should always be top of mind, but with staffing shortages across the healthcare industry, it can be tricky to make sure everyone is getting top care. With patient messaging, lean teams can operate efficiently and continue to give personalized treatment.

Laura Beier
August 3, 2022
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As staffing shortages continue to affect the healthcare industry, it can be increasingly difficult to provide a positive patient experience. Using tools like patient messaging can help staff efficiently and effectively take care of their patients with lean teams—everybody wins.

Information station 

With top patient messaging solutions, all conversations, information documents, and anything else the team needs to send to patients or internally are kept in the platform. This can help when answering common concerns, or for new employees to have an idea on how to respond. 

Keeping all internal information in one place can also help to ensure doctor patient confidentiality, so details aren’t floating between multiple platforms. By organizing all key information in the same place as messages are sent, the process is safe and quick!

Increasing efficiency 

Operating with lean teams can sometimes mean less care and attention for patients. But with patient texting, just a few team members can pay attention to multiple patients through messaging, ensuring each and every one feels taken care of. 

By messaging via SMS or digital channels, healthcare teams can meet patients where they are—their smartphones. This instantaneous method of communication removes barriers, as opposed to calling and leaving a voicemail, or sending updates via email. 

With texting allowing team members to simultaneously communicate with more than one patient at a time, more time for personalized care or preparing for the next task is created. Messaging is also a great way to help onboard new team members—it’s much less intimidating to craft a text message to update a patient than it is to leave a voicemail. And avoids never-ending phone tag!

Real-time communication

When it comes to healthcare, time is of the essence. Notifying patients of updates, whether it be for an upcoming appointment or about a loved one, is something that needs to happen confidentially and quickly. 

With patient texting, healthcare teams can notify patients in their care immediately of any important information and updates, creating an instantaneous channel of communication. This allows for a quicker response time on either end in case of emergency than calling or emailing.

Digital messaging in healthcare also creates a channel for feedback right away. If a patient needs something or wants to provide insight into their experience, they can do so via text messaging and healthcare teams can take note and/or keep the message on hand for making changes down the line.

Increasing team efficiency is just one way patient messaging is making the healthcare experience better for everyone. Learn more about top patient messaging solutions or schedule a conversation with our team today!

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