Streamline Hospitality Onboarding With Digital Messaging

How hotel texting can help teams get up to speed



April 21, 2022

With travel numbers nearing pre-pandemic levels and high turnover in the industry, onboarding is as important—and potentially stressful—as ever. Good thing there are ways to outline a process and streamline it with tools like digital messaging platforms!

Keep track of important information, avoid putting new members in the hot seat, and capture feedback in real time by using guest messaging for hospitality in the onboarding process—perks for both managers and employees!

All in one place

Not only do top digital messaging platforms provide a way to connect with guests where they are, but they also store important information like documents, maps of local attractions, and answers to commonly asked questions. This makes it easier both to train new employees and to be trained—information is available with the touch of a button.

To increase efficiency, new employees can also search for information in past conversations to answer guest questions, instead of having to ask a tenured teammate a million questions. Since hotel texting services like Kipsu store all conversations between employees and guests, new team members can search guest history, copy and paste answers, edit it if needed, and send to a guest — instantly replying and keeping the guest happy.

Avoid the hot seat

Working the front desk in hospitality historically meant answering phone calls, addressing lines at the front desk, and dealing with whatever else comes up—all at the same time! With digital messaging for hotels, team members can take their time absorbing information from a message and composing a response.

Texting and digital messaging gives time for reaction, and takes away stressful elements of guest interaction for newer employees. This allows them more time to learn the valuable skills they need to excel in hospitality!

While hospitality messaging allows for multi-tasking and less wait times for guests, it also creates a less stressful atmosphere for newer team members. Imagine the difference between a dissatisfied customer over the phone and over text message… you’ll thank us later for saving you a few decibels. 

Real-time feedback 

Digital messaging platforms not only allow team members to adjust and elevate the guest experience, but also allow for real-time feedback. 

Managers can take a look at how guests are doing at their property both by viewing messages that are coming in live, and taking a look at stored conversations. Having a running history of interactions between hotel staff and guests allows for new team members to search for guidance, as well as letting managers capture guest interactions for quality assurance. 

Top digital messaging platforms like Kipsu also provide daily conversation digests, so managers can review how guest requests were handled on a regular basis and give out kudos or constructive feedback, or both.

Kipsu elevates the guest experience through guest messaging for more than 2,800 partners across 70+ countries. Learn more or schedule a conversation with our team today!

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