Unlocking the Full Experience: Ways to Help Your Guests Take Advantage of Onsite Amenities

Creative ways to help your guests make the most out of the onsite amenities you provide


Sonja Swanson


January 29, 2024

When guests choose your resort for their stay, they're not just looking for a comfortable room; they're seeking an unforgettable experience. One key element that can elevate their stay is the effective utilization of onsite amenities. From swimming pools and wellness spas to restaurants and cocktail bars, resorts offer a variety of facilities that can enhance the overall guest experience. Let’s explore creative ways to help your guests make the most out of the onsite amenities you provide.

Give your guests a personalized welcome
First impressions matter, and providing a personalized welcome package for each guest is a great way to set the tone. Upon check-in, provide each guest with a personalized welcome package that includes a map of the property and a brief overview of the amenities available. Consider sending a welcome text message once they are settled in their room that encourages guests to explore and enjoy the facilities during their stay. This small gesture can make a big difference in their overall experience.

Digital communication is key

In the digital age, guests appreciate convenience at their fingertips, which is why many resorts are implementing a user-friendly digital messaging system that serves as a digital concierge. This tool can provide information about onsite amenities, including operating hours and special events. The easier it is for guests to access information, the more likely they are to take advantage of what your establishment has to offer.

You can also optimize your digital services to simplify reservations. Make it easy for guests to book and reserve onsite amenities such as spa treatments, restaurant reservations, or recreational activities. If guests are able to text the resort to make a reservation for them, it takes a lot of the workload off of their hands. Provide them with the necessary information and assistance to ensure a seamless experience, allowing them to make the most of their time on the property.

Highlight onsite amenities with signage
Clear and attractive signage can make a significant difference. Place informative signs throughout your establishment, guiding guests to different amenities. Include brief descriptions and appealing visuals to capture their interest. Well-placed signage can prompt guests to explore areas they might have overlooked. By showcasing the features and benefits of these amenities, you can pique your guests' interest and encourage them to explore and utilize what's available to them.

Staff recommendations tailored to your guests’ preferences
Train your staff to engage with guests and recommend specific onsite amenities based on their preferences and interests. Have your staff engage with guests and create conversations to understand what they are looking for with their resort experience. Staff can message guests with a mid-stay check in message and offer the amenities that would be a great fit for them, giving guests a more unique and elevated experience at your property. Whether it's the spa, fitness center, pool, dining options, or another special aspect of your property, personalized recommendations can guide guests toward the amenities that best suit their needs.

Optimize amenities with guest feedback and testimonials

Guest feedback can help with your amenities in a couple of ways. First, the feedback can help you improve your amenities and provide insight on how guests are enjoying them. Regularly gather feedback from guests to understand their preferences and experiences with onsite amenities. Use this valuable information to make improvements or introduce new offerings. 

Additionally, positive feedback can be shared on your website or promotional materials, emphasizing the positive experiences of past guests. Share positive guest feedback and testimonials related to onsite amenities on your website, social media, and within the property itself. Real-life experiences and endorsements can serve as powerful motivators for other guests to explore and enjoy everything your property has to offer.

Ensuring that your guests take full advantage of onsite amenities requires a combination of thoughtful planning and proactive engagement. By implementing these easy yet effective strategies, you can help your guests make the most of their stay, enhancing their overall satisfaction and loyalty to your property. Create an environment where guests not only feel welcomed but are also inspired to explore and enjoy the unique offerings of your establishment. Turn a stay into an experience they'll share with others, and provide them with reasons to keep coming back to your resort year after year.

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