Welcome Home: The Power of a Well-Executed Move-In Process on Resident Happiness

In the bustling world of multifamily living, the journey begins with the move-in process, where the foundation for resident happiness is laid. Read how the transformative power of a well-executed move-in process, exploring how it sets the stage for a positive living experience and shapes resident happiness.



June 28, 2023

The move-in process is a crucial step in ensuring resident satisfaction in an apartment community. It sets the tone for the resident's entire living experience and can significantly impact their overall satisfaction and perception of the property. 

First impressions matter: The move-in process is the resident’s initial interaction with the property management team and their new home. This provides an opportunity to make a positive first impression, fostering a feeling of connection to a new community for the resident. A well-executed move-in process demonstrates professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to resident satisfaction. Want to add a little something extra to make it a “wow” moment? Leave a handwritten note in each unit for your new resident to discover. Handwritten notes add a human touch to the process and demonstrate you went the extra mile to make their moving day extra special.

Smooth transition and convenience: Moving into a new residence can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for residents. A well-organized move-in process that offers guidance, clear communication, and support will help alleviate stress and ensure a smooth transition. Providing a streamlined process with clear instructions, designated move-in times, and assistance with logistics, such as parking and elevator usage, enhances convenience and creates a positive experience for residents. Consider layering in pre-move-in, move-in day, and post-move-in communications through well-timed text communication to connect your staff with residents at these crucial milestone moments.

Building trust and rapport: The move-in process is an opportunity to build trust and rapport with new residents. This key moment is a fantastic time to introduce your management team to a new resident. Property management teams that actively engage with residents during move-in, addressing any questions or concerns promptly, demonstrate their commitment to resident satisfaction. Establishing this early connection fosters a positive resident-management relationship, leading to greater trust, open communication, and long-term satisfaction. Remember the handwritten note that was left in a resident’s new unit? Consider adding the name of, and a few fun facts about the property manager and even the maintenance team. The more your resident knows about the on-site team the more connected to the property they will feel.

Setting expectations: During move-in, property managers have the chance to set clear expectations regarding property rules, policies, and procedures. Providing a comprehensive orientation that covers essential information about maintenance requests, rent payments, amenities, and community guidelines helps residents understand what is expected of them and ensures a harmonious living environment for all residents. Most property managers already provide a resident handbook and guidance about the portal, etc, but it may also be valuable to think about the most common questions residents ask their first week living in a new community, and re-provide those items within a few days of move-in. 

Addressing concerns promptly: The move-in process allows property managers to identify and address any issues or concerns promptly. Conducting a thorough inspection of the unit before move-in, and promptly resolving any maintenance or cleanliness issues sends a message to residents that their comfort and satisfaction are a priority.  

In the end, the move-in process has a measurable impact on overall resident satisfaction. Investing a little extra time in the first few days of the resident journey (even with short-staffed environments) can make all the difference when it comes to how residents feel about their new home.

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