Why the IHG Guest Loves Guest Messaging

IHG has seen Guest Love scores increase for their hotels using guest messaging. Let's look at how Kipsu help improve key metrics in survey scores.


Sonja Swanson


August 15, 2023

Hotels can make or break a vacation experience, and the quality of service is often the deciding factor. From the moment guests arrive, they expect a high level of attention and care. That's why hotels are turning to guest messaging to provide the personalized and attentive service that modern travelers crave. When hotels use guest messaging, they see improvements in their survey scores.

A Graph showing results of hotel survey scores, comparing the hotels that did and didn't use guest messaging.

IHG collected Guest Love score data from over 300 hotels. IHG saw an average of 3-4 point uplift in overall Guest Love scores for the hotels that consistently used Kipsu’s guest messaging. This was across all key metrics: arrival, service, recommendation, and overall experience. So how does guest messaging impact those key metrics? Let’s take a closer look.


At arrival, sending the guest a text message to ensure their room meets expectations is a great way to set the tone for their experience. If there is something in their room that they aren’t satisfied with, they have your text they can immediately reply to, rather than having to make a trip back down to the front desk. This can save both you and your guest time and energy to fix any initial issues. And if there is nothing wrong with their room, great! Now they know they can reach out through text throughout their stay, and feel confident that you are attentive to their needs. 


Throughout their stay, service is key to customer loyalty. As previously mentioned, they have the initial arrival text, and they can reply to that text for your service. Need restaurant recommendations? They can send you a text. Ran out of clean towels? They can send you a text. Answering simple questions through simple means of communication makes service feel easily accessible to your guests. 


When you receive exceptional service throughout your stay, you are more likely to recommend a hotel to others. This is why guest messaging is so important. Keeping that quick, accessible communication between guests and staff provides a boost in service, leading to a boost in recommendations. You can even increase your recommendation scores by personalizing the messages you send to your guests and making them feel welcome in your hotel.

By leveraging guest messaging technology, IHG hotels are communicating with guests in a way that is convenient, efficient, and effective. This technology has a direct, positive impact on their Guest Love scores. Are you using guest messaging to improve your survey scores? Schedule a conversation with our team and learn more about Kipsu’s solutions today!

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