Why WhatsApp is an important tool for hospitality

Hospitality around the world is moving towards using digital messaging to increase guest satisfaction and team efficiency. Guests are rarely away from their smartphones, so the most effective way to communicate with them is through digital messaging channels like WhatsApp.

Laura Beier
May 2, 2022
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Send automated welcome and farewell messages, enhance communication with images and documents, and create a memorable experience for guests by reaching them where they are—on their devices. 

Most-used messaging app in the world 

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging platform in the world. With 2 billion users worldwide, it’s the most-used mobile messaging application in 128 countries. 

With over 65 million messages sent every day, and high response rates, WhatsApp is the leading way to communicate with guests internationally. It’s available in 180 countries and 60 languages, so it can be used just about anywhere to connect with any kind of traveler. 

Hotels using digital messaging through WhatsApp—an option that’s cheaper for guests than SMS, or text messaging—not only can increase guest satisfaction and engagement, but help properties reach travelers on a medium they’re already familiar with. 

Using WhatsApp for texting at hotels is relatively new, so properties can also stand out from competition by offering a WhatsApp integration through digital messaging solutions like Kipsu. 

Ease of access

Unlike SMS, WhatsApp allows users to connect without a cellular connection—just wi-fi is needed. This makes a simpler and more accessible option, because no SIM cards or cellular plans are needed.

Images and documents can also be sent through WhatsApp, enhancing communication between hotel teams and guests. With read receipt capabilities, guests can see when hotel teams have read their messages and vice versa, allowing for instant communication. 

Hotel teams can also set up automated welcome and farewell messages to engage with guests—similar to SMS, over 40% of guests reply to a welcome message. 

Bridge the gap

The WhatsApp & Kipsu integration makes it simple to communicate with travelers in 60 languages, with translation within the tool. Automatically translate both incoming and outgoing messages within the platform to allow for seamless conversations.

Digital messaging also provides a less stressful avenue for communication between hotel front desk teams and guests—composing messages over a text format gives more time to process and respond than a phone call.

Not only is using WhatsApp for guest messaging in hospitality a good way to interact with guests, it may be turning into a must have.

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