Preferred Messaging Provider for IHG Hotels

With IHG's renewed focus on guest service, messaging is one of the most effective ways to increase brand survey scores.


Why messaging?

Kipsu has fundamentally changed the way we connect with our lodging guests."

Coleen Reardon - Deer Valley Resorts

Service at scale.

We strive to make individualized white-glove service accessible to all. Our solution is designed to augment service teams, allowing them to build personalized relationships with their guests at scale.

Proven effectiveness

Across all service levels, messaging enhances guest survey scores. In fact, essentials brands see even larger gains than luxury and lifestyle brands. With messaging, a Holiday Inn Express can achieve the same survey scores as an InterContinental.

Our mission is to help service professionals create wow experiences.

We create genuine human moments in an increasingly self service world through digital messaging.

More than ever, guests are seeking genuine human connection. In this 'contactless' era of chatbots and automated phone trees, people just want to talk to someone real. We want service professionals to shine."

Chris Smith — CEO @ Kipsu


Raise Service Scores

Average survey score lift of 13%

Across every service level, Kipsu is shown to raise guest survey scores. Essentials brands see, on average, a 15% lift in overall guest satisfaction. Luxury & lifestyle see 12%.


Meet + exceed guest expectations

Engage guests where they prefer—natively on every device.

With available digital channels like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and Google Business Messages, your team can engage with guests on the channels of their choice.


Seamlessly fit into your workflow

✓ Opera integration
✓ Quore Integration
✓ Even more integrations

Speed up your team's workflows by automatically importing guest data, creating tickets, and more. Kipsu integrates with virtually every major PMS and ticketing system out there.


Hang up on expensive phone calls

Drive phone and desk traffic towards messaging

With Kipsu, front desk traffic and phone calls are diverted to messaging—giving your team the ability to handle multiple guest requests at once, asynchrounously, without sacrificing quality of service.

How Kipsu works

Every guest conversation, from every channel, in one shared dashboard.
Automatically welcome new guests, check-in with mid-stay status checks, and respond to messages and requests effortlessly.

How Kipsu Works

Send a warm welcome

Once your guest arrives to their room, greet them with a personalized welcome message from the agent who checked them in.

How Kipsu Works

Check in during their stay

Check in on a guest's stay midway through their reservation to ensure everything is perfect for their stay. Give your team opportunities to address any concerns before the guest checks out.

How Kipsu Works

Take action before they check out

Messaging uncovers more service recovery opportunities than any other medium—meaning your team can take action to remedy guest issues before they leave. And before they leave reviews or respond to brand surveys.

How Kipsu Works

Put the express in express checkout

One of messaging's most popular use cases is express checkout. Instead of calling or waiting in line at the front desk, guests can simply send a message to let your team know they've left. With our integrations for Quore, you can immediately notify housekeeping that their room is ready to be turned.

Kipsu has fundamentally changed the way we connect with our lodging guests."

Coleen Reardon - Deer Valley Resorts

Loyalty Appreciation
Guest Experience
Guest Service

Based on a national analysis of a major brand's "Essential" equivalent properties.

Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown uses Kipsu to go above and beyond

See how this Holiday Inn uses messaging in innovative ways, like encouraging guests to be more environmentally friendly or giving out-of-town guests a lifeline to the hotel while they're exploring the city.

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